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feeling useless
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Valerie - April 2

I am always in pain with my muscles mostly in my back constantly buy things that turn out to be wrong! ie chairs etc that seem Ok in the shop are so uncomfortable at home and it is driving my partner mad - he is always shouting at me lately as it is so frustrating for him and I only seem to cry - at 55 that is not the thing to do so often and I feel so useless. We are in the midst of n international move which makes stress worse but I think it has always been there anyway. Is this a problem with anyone else? Is this happening with anyone else?


Oreanah - April 2

Valerie you are not alone. I am 26 and unable to do things my grand-mother can still do, so the feeling of uselesness can at times be overwhelming. Stress definately contributes to increased pain and makes coping with it harder. Try to allow yourself to go with the flow as much as you can, resting when you need to, as fibro is not something you can just push through. Most people have, and need, a period of morning for what they have lost when they are first diagnosed. I find that after I have had a relatively good period of time that a bad flare up can also make me misserable and resentful and teary. As for the furniture, we usually go shopping when we are at our best, so things can feel ok. Then when you get home, worn out and sore, theyre not so good any more. It's not your fault. Ask your partner to jump on this site and get educated. He needs to understand your illness in order to understand you. Shouting is not on! It only adds to your stress and your symptoms. Don't try to hide your symptoms from him either, it will only add to his frustration and confusion when you do colapse. Although we often feel, remember that you are not useless, you deal with pain that most people cannot understand everyday with grace. Just that is worth comendation.



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