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Feeling surprisingly better!
4 Replies
seedbeads - August 23

So on the weekend we installed a whole house carbon filter to take the chlorine out of our water. It came about because I was finding that every time I drank the tap water, my throat would feel tight. I had our water tested and it's fine by city standards, but the person who tested it talked to a health nurse and they agreed that it could be a problem with chlorine.

Since we installed the system, I no longer have any throat discomfort or congestion when I drink water, I don't itch nearly as much, I don't feel as run-down, and I can have a shower without feeling short of breath.

OK so I still have random aches and nerve pain and still find myself desperately needing naps on an almost daily basis, but I can live with that. I never would have considered chlorine allergy/sensitivity as a cause for any of my problems. I guess that's one of the problems with Fibro - it's hard to tell when a symptom is being caused by anything else!


Pikespeak - August 24

Thank you for sharing! I'm glad to hear you're doing better! BTW, naps are a way of being kind to yourself and your family! One should look on a nap as a time for calm, reflection and rejuvination! ;-)


Fantod - August 25

I also have a problem with chlorine and have used a shower filter for years. I have asthma which usually acts up whenever I take a shower without a filter. That was my first clue something was wrong. Even my pool is set up with a salt water system to lessen my exposure to chemicals including chlorine.


January - August 25

Wow, this is interesting!

I used to swim daily as a kid, and was ALWAYS getting sick with asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, etc. (plus red chlorine eyes!) I thought I "outgrew" the asthma, but I also moved to a colder climate and quit swimming. The few times I did a lot of swimming as an adult, I got really sick again! Never could figure out why this happened, so I just quit swimming. Chlorine allergy explains it! Swimming at the beach never made me sick.

Of course, I also figured out I was horribly allergic to cigarette smoke (which was everywhere years ago - family members smoked, the air was thick at work, etc.) Since I've been living in a smoke free county, I don't have respiratory problems any more. I guess factors can combine to make things worse!


cincin - August 27

I too have a sensitivity to chlorine-can smell it a mile away,immediate nasal burning,headaches,nausea. I started drinking and cooking with RO water and noticed a feel better stage also. Good for you for taking action.



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