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Feeling overwhelmed :(
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fibrochica - October 4

Another newbie question for those more experienced with FMS - I am guessing its normal to feel completely overwhelmed about what treatment plan is right for me and how to get there? I have read so much ( and thanks to good ol' fibro fog, I forget 1/2 of it), and I am just not sure where to begin. I am taking 50 amitriptyline at bedtime and thats it. It is starting to help with the sleeping --but only marginally. I know I have to be patient and let my system adjust, but I am wondering how to I wait to try something else? A few years ago I was given ambien CR in the hospital and it worked great for me. Anyone else use this to help sleep?

So, I am exercising and trying to figure out a healthy eating plan that works for me and my family -but I have read some conflicting things about what is good and what is not- but I think its all individual, so its probably trial and error for a while. I bought a book on FMS and am making my way through it, but it gets very overwhelming at times.

Any suggestions on a good way to sort things out?


Fantod - October 4

What you are experiencing is completely normal. It takes time and a lot of experimenting to find the right drug regimen. Have you made an appointment to see a rheumotologist yet? That would be the first step towards sorting out what medication you need to feel better.

As far as eating goes, smaller high protein meals throughout the day seem to work better. The things that I know are not good include deep fried food and lunch meat (nitrates). Your pain level will probably be worse after ingesting things like that. Also artifical sweetners (including Splenda) are a no-no for the same reason.

The trick is to pay attention to how you are feeling and adjust accordingly. If certain foods seem to make your pain level worse, stay away from them. If your body is telling you that it needs rest, respect your limits. At the moment, you are working your way through a grieving process. Once you have a rheumotologist working with you I think things will really improve. Take care.



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