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feeling lump(s) under my skin
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jrzgirl1 - August 30

I felt one in my upper thigh, is this normal for fibro? I was asked by my Rheuy if I had any of these, at the time I did not, now I do.Why did she ask me that question, could this become cancer, just 1 more thing to worry about


mm30 - August 30

hi jrzgirl1,

Easier than done but don't panic because that is gonna set off a whole host of problems. stress is the enemy and all that.

here is my attempt to ease your worry.
Last january i was going through a very stressful time ( still am) but i was in the shower one day and i felt four lumps on my sturnum. completely paniced and went to dr straight away. i was in there ages and he said he couldnt feel anything. in the end i got his hand and guided him to exactly where they were cause i think he thought i was making it up. (easier to feel presumably when in shower with soap etc) so he sent me for a breast, chest and lung xray. came back clear and so that seemed to be that. they went away again after a while.

then in may of this year i felt two on my chest and one in my groin. i had changed my doctor in the mean time and so i went to her and from this and a series of tests and taking other problems into account she diagnosed me with fibro. i find the lumps come and go but tend to return around my time of the month and some are painful and some are just there.

i absalutely think you should go to your doctor and have him/her check it out for you but from what i have read in other posts also lumps are part n parcel of our nasty friend.

i hope this helps you.



jrzgirl1 - August 30

I called my Rhemotoligist, she said not to worry, it can be just a muscle, so I will wait and see. Thank you for your response, it means alot to all of us. STRESS is so huge in my life right now, my daughter is going through a divorce, we HAVE to sell our house before the end of the year, I still expect miracles from God, he has provided all our needs and more, I am tired of the pain.
I was in Walmart the other day and God reminded me of this....... I complained about my shoes when a man with no legs went past me in a wheelchair it made me realize how blessed I am


Fantod - August 30

jrzgirl - You probably have trigger points in your thigh. I get them along the outside of both legs. They feel like goose eggs lined up in a row. Trigger points are muscles that have contracted and will not release on their own. They can be injected to get them to relax. Not a pleasant procedure. It is like sticking a skewer into a rock. But, it does help. This is a very common problem associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). Your rheumy should do a better job of allaying your fears and questions. Take some time and go through the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page again. A little refresher course on all of the "perks" associated with FMS might help ease your mind. Take care.


sami845 - August 31


I have bumps from my rheumatoid arthritis. They're called "rheumatoid nodules" I haven't heard of them with fibro, however since they're closely linked it wouldn't be a stretch to have "fibro nodules." If they hurt you can have steroid injections or surgery. However, they usually come back. I suggest you do a google search for both fibro nodules and rheumatoid nodules.

- Samantha



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