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Feel like hibernating!
5 Replies
FibroGal - December 5

I find it difficult to stay warm and I'm also chronically sleepy. The place I most want to be is nice and toasty warm in bed. Does anyone else experience this?


Sonja44 - December 5

Mmmm, Hibernating sounds sooooo nice! My arms have been flaring up...bad...very painful! My energy has been ok...but this arm pain is wearing me down. Picking up a glass of water, turning a door knob, pumping hair product...debilitating pain.

I have a fireplace to cozy up next to with an extra soft blankie and my dogs by my's the best :) Your fibro friend, Sonja44


fibromontana - December 5

I so know how you feel; I'm constantly cold and really fight the fatigue. I am having b12 shots monthly to see if that helps and I have been going to a chiropractor that does seem to help some. It has definately helped the headaches. He suggested I take a product called CO-Q10; I'm trying it.

sonja44 I have been experiencing the arm pain alot lately. The other night I could have sworn I broke my wrist it hurt so bad; but it has gotten better.

I just get so tired of not feeling good and I hate to complain.


FibroGal - December 5

I went through a period recently with arm pain that lasted for several weeks. You're not alone. I also have annoying muscle weakness and twitches alot, too.

Thanks to you and fibromontana for sharing. It does help to know we're not alone.


Sarilyn - December 5

I would love to hibernate as well!! In fact, I called in to work today. As it has gotten colder I have been having more problems, then came a cold snap, and I found I could hardly walk at all this morning, and I work retail, so I knew I could not be on my feet for 8+ hours!! I came back home after taking the kids to school and fell asleep on the couch, and took several pain pills today. They did not help at all! That is a first for a long time.

Keep us posted on how the CO-Q10 helps with the fibro, Fibromontana.



Sonja44 - December 8

Thanks for the kind words of understanding and encouragement. Fibrogal hit it on the head with feeling like hibernating!

Tears came to my eyes as I read everyone's response's ... it snowed today here and I'm not doing well...I hate to complain too but this is a safe place to do just's difficult to keep up a brave front when a flare up is so bad...making you feel like curling up in a ball and just crying.



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