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Fed Up, and Dont Know What To Do!
8 Replies
toots2889 - August 19

Hey everyone! Your gonna have to excuse me today, as im pissed off and fed up right now. I went to see the orthopedic surgeon today, for my back. I feel like im gonna just have to start dealing with everything and my pain on my own. My ortho asked me a few questions, and i started to tell him about some of the physical therapy. I explained some of the things that were having me do and my pool experiences. He gets up, says he doesnt know why they are doing that and sends me for an MRI. Thats it, no exam, no asking alot of questions, nothing. It was like he thinks im crazy.
I went to ear specialist for my ears. He did tests and everything came back fine. He had me go for a cat scan and that was last Friday, so they must not of found anything as i havent heard from them. So i will have to learn to deal with the pain in my ears, and the feeling of wind blowing in them, when there's no wind.
I dont know, i guess im tired of being looked at like a freak, and having all these problems and pain, but they cant answer as to why.
Sorry for being so negative but i needed to vent and get this off my chest i think.


HerRoyalHighness - August 19

Just read a magazine article about someone with ear pain and sensations of the eardrum pulsing (perhaps like wind blowing?) and the ENT found that there was a problem with the tensor tympani muscle attached to the ear drum. FWIW.


Fantod - August 19

toots2889 - If I am not mistaken, did you not have a really bad infection - sinus or ear related recently? It is a proven fact that severe middle ear/sinus infections and the some of the antibiotics used to treat them can cause hearing damage. You probably have cochlear tintitus which would explain the sensation of wind blowing in your ears. My brother had severe ear infections as a kid and was on antibiotics continually. He has some hearing loss as a result. He also experiences different types of noise particularly in one ear like a furnance or fan running and things like that. I assume that you saw an ENT for the "excellent" treatment that you received. I would guess that they were trying to rule out other more serious problems that might cause your symptoms. Unfortunately, they don't have to live with the auditory issues so it isn't a big problem as far as they are concerned. Perhaps you should consider making them rethink their approach to handling situations like yours.

As for the ortho, I would have been demanding to know why he was leaving the exam room. That was disrespectful to say the least. For your time and money, common courtesy would dictate that he owes you the courtesy of an explanation not just ordering an MRI and wandering off to the next patient. When I am not done with a physician, I'm not done. Sometimes they need to be told that in no uncertain terms. I think that they become callused (and who wouldn't) to people's suffering and become a little to expeditious in handling the situation. He was wrong to treat you in that manner. You have every right to be angry. If the opportunity presents itself, tell him how he made you feel.

None of us voluntarily signed up for any of this. If nothing else, physicians should treat us with a little dignity. We deserve it and should demand it when it is not offered. Take care - I think of you often.


toots2889 - August 19

Fantod, You are correct, i had fluid in my inner ear, and my ear was plugged(like you get when your on a plane). I couldnt get them to pop for weeks on weeks. Finally got it to pop, but now am going thru this. I called this morning to ask about my results from Cat scan and my Ent is out until Monday, and his nurse will be in tomarrow but dont know if she will be allowed to call me, or if i have to wait for the dr. to call. Does this make any sense? As far as my ortho goes, you are correct, and i am gonna call him out on the carpet for the way he treated me. Ive been so tired and beat up lately that ive just allowed it.

HerRoyalHighness, that was what the person who did my hearing test, and other test thought it might be, but the ENT didnt think so.
Thanks for the posts and help. Fantod you should be a Dr!


Fantod - August 19

toots2889 - You may have to wait for the doctor to return but I hope not. If the shoe was on the other foot, I guarantee the results would have been available yesterday.

I know quite well what it is like not to have the energy to tell someone off. However, I am also blessed with a formiable will and a very bad temper when provoked. If nothing else, the will of of iron takes over in those situations and I speak my mind. I'd rather get it out of the way up front than let it bother me forever afterwards.
Endless loop conversations (would have, could have, should have...) with yourself are usually not productive....

Thanks by the way, but I don't want to be a doctor. I see enough of them to know the whole medical system is really screwed up. Anyway, it is more satisfying to tell them off or offer a compliment if they get something right the first time.

Let me know the results of the ENT and MRI. Things have got to get better! Take care.


toots2889 - August 20

I stood up for myself yesterday, and called the clinic back. I told them i didnt want to wait for dr to get back, and demanded that someone just give me the results. Finally, they did and it was negative. They found nothing but didnt want to tell me that! How stupid! He did have it in his notes for them to set me up with a appt. with Mayo Clinic if it came back that way. I will be more than happy to go to Mayo where there are real doctors.
I was doing some research on my own last night, cause im really starting to think maybe im going crazy, cause no one can find anything wrong with me. I found that i have alot of symptoms of TMJ. Anyone know much about this?


toots2889 - August 20

I found the info off to the left on here! Im an idiot. The info on here doesnt sound like what i have as much as what i was reading on different web sites last night. The testimonials i read on those pages from other people, sounded more like mine and thats what was wrong with them. UGH!!! I think i will stick to the crazy diagnoises!!!


Fantod - August 20

Hi toots2889 - I have had TMJ since the early 80s. It can cause ear, neck, facial, shoulder, arm and back pain. Your head is like a gyroscope. If there is something wrong structually - everything else will follow. TMJ can also cause vertigo and headaches.

I had braces for a second time in my 40's. At that time, I had the sensation of having 1/2 dowels rammed into each ear. I have a bite splint that I wear every single night. I also wear it during the day if I am under a lot of stress. I'm a clencher and a grinder. I have had extensive restoration work done due to the damage to my teeth. I use a Pankey Institute trained dentist who is also very knowledgeable about TMJ. Pankey dentists basically have a Masters degree in dentistry and are much more highly trained than the average DDS. If anything in my my mouth is off so much as a hair, I know about it. If you decide to investigate this, be sure you get someone who knows what they are doing. There are a lot of shysters out there that claim to be TMJ experts. Take care.


Stacey373 - August 21

Hi Toots2889! I just wanted to tell you that I've been dealing with TMJ for at least 20 years. (since I was a teenager) I never realized how debilitating it could really be until I read stuff on this site and talked to other people with it. I have dealt with CONSTANT headaches and migraines for many years now. Although I have some other things that are going on that give me horrible headaches...I know now that the TMJ is definitely one of those many reasons. TMJ can cause headaches and also make your jaw, temples on your head, and your neck hurt ALOT!

I can't afford to see a dentist, so I bought one of those sport mouth guards at Wal-Mart for 1.00. Honestly, I haven't used it yet...I keep it on my nightstand "just in case". I haven't used it yet because I know when I used one when I was a teenager, I spent the entire night trying to get it out of my mouth and it actually made me hurt MORE. So for me, it's a "last resort" treatment.

I've been trying to re-train myself by not clinching my jaw down and trying real hard to quit biting the inside of my mouth (very bad habit!) I've noticed when I get stressed out or I'm concentrating on something, I will clinch my jaw. I actually think the "re-training" is working to a certain point as I'm not getting as many headaches as I used to.

Anyways...I guarantee TMJ is a very painful thing and it's really not something that you want to let WILL only get worse if you don't try to "fix" it. I hope you get something done to help you with this, Take Care, Stacey :o)



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