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Fed Up and Disgusted
3 Replies
kvc33 - September 5

I'm sorry but healthy people drive me nuts. They are so spoiled and take everything for granted. They can't handle it if they are even slightly inconvenienced. Before I became super ill I had no idea that people could be so sick that they couldn't talk or breathe properly and not be hospitalized. I just hate this illness and everything it has stolen from me, but the worst part is that others look on without so much as a sympathetic word. My dream is to get well and go out and kick some butt. I want to tell people what I really think of them and watch the door smack their behind as I wave goodbye. Yes, I'm really angry today. Anger gives me energy so I guess I'll just enjoy it.


Fibrosukz - September 5

I can understand what you are saying. When i came home with the diagnosis and told my husband, he just had a fit and went off on me, saying that i better get back to work...blah blah... HEY! i didnt ask for this but i have it and now i have to deal with it. Not like i was already stressd out myself, i didnt need it and too boot my dr is just useless.Healthy people see you and think, hmm she /he dont look sick. Well maybe not today but there are days that i look like hell came over me and they just dont understand that you cant see it but believe u me we can feel it!! Keep your chin up high and take it day by day!! :o)


toots2889 - September 7

We all go thru this, its another symptom i say. I have days where i basically cant go out in public cause if i do, and someone so much as looks at me wrong, i wonna knockem out!! I use to really let what other people did or say affect me, but no more. Im really trying hard to use jokes and laughter instead. When you get upset at people who are healthy, who pays for it? When you let what other people think or say bother you, who does it affect? See you are the only one who always looses in these battles, so why have them. When i see someone judging me, i find something wrong with them, and joke to myself about it. I no longer give a rats a-- what people think of me, and you to will get there. It takes time and practice!! LOL


kvc33 - September 8

It's okay toots2889, I'm really okay. I have a fantastic sense of humor and my bf and I spend our days laughing at ourselves and other people. He too has this dreadful disease. Sometimes my depression causes me to be overly angry or sensitive but I'm aware of that. Still, I have this wonderful dream of feeling so well that I don't give a rat's petutti if anyone cares or not about my life and what I have endured. I want to give them all a big raspberry and then go out and enjoy myself into a coma and then go on an amazing shopping spree. I get so sick to death of watching others do whatever they want in life and then complain when it isn't perfect. They have zero idea what it's like to be chronically ill. If I have to read one more happy Facebook post I'm gonna barf. Remember Fantasy Island? "What's her fantasy boss?" "To be well, Tattoo, to be well." Have a happy day.



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