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Fatigue, Dizziness & Tingling
68 Replies
Chris - June 7

Hi dids; I get a lot of that too, but I think in my case some of the tingling is from C5,C6,C7 damaged in my neck. I've been tested for MS, and you are right, not knowing is horrible.
I wish you only the best. take care.


Amethyst Angel - June 7

About 3 montrhs ago I started getting tingling and burning pain all over my body. I was an absolute nervous wreck, unable to sleep at night because of the pain. I was lucky that I managed to get an MRI done quickly (It showed that all I had was a sinus infection. My blood work also showed nothing out of the ordinary.) My symptoms immediately went down in severity and, once I started getting treatment to fix my sleep cycle, I started feeling much better. (I still feel pretty crappy during my periods and I had tortuous bladder symptoms a couple of weeks ago when I caught a UTI, but thankfully, the horrible pain I had at the beginning hasn't returned.) I'm guessing stress, in my case, has a lot to do with making my symptoms worse. (All I can say to you is, try to get as much good sleep as you possibly can (my doctor gave me trazodone, which was worked wonders for me) and try to reduce your stress as much as possible. (P.S.: If it is MS, it's better to know sooner rather than later, as there are treatment which exist which can slow down the progress of the disease, at least according to the medical literature I've read...)


dids - June 8

It could be fibromyalgia and/or mercury in your system causing the problems. My son in law has very similar problems and has a mercury level off the charts from dental fillings that are leaking. Good luck!


Carrie Pauley - June 25

yes I get weird tingling in my face, fingers, chest pain hedache and fatigue I do have fibro but the tingling is scary am I havning a stroke?


Karen - July 12

Almost exactly described my symptoms - started with a tingling in left side of my face after a night out - dancing close to speakers! Then spread down left arm and leg. Doctors treating as a stroke - I'm only 38! Tingling now comes and goes about two or three times a week, sometimes aches in joints. Awaiting MRI, but scan of arteries clear. I just want someone to tell me it's not a stroke, then I can start to enjoy life again. Anyone had this and got a diagnosis?


Lisa - July 20

I've had the same problems, however I started taking coenzyme Q10 - 100 mg dailey and the numbness and tingling feelings in my left hand have totally gone away. I have actually felt better since I started taking this supplement.


Mary23 - July 23

I have the same symptoms. I am a 23 yr old female with tingling that starts near my left knee and radiates downward into my foot. It also radiates upward into my back. Sometimes my bottom and my hips will tingle on both sides. I have been feeling very fatigued lately and also malaise (I just don't feel well.). I'm not running any fever. My tingling sensations just started yesterday, but they already seem more intense and are lasting longer periods of time each time they occur. No tests done yet, but if the tingling sensation doesn't resolve itself, I will go to the ER. This is really bugging me. good luck to you. God bless!


margaret - September 6

yes i have been diagnosised after 1 yr of feeling completely deblitated, i am a nurse and cant work i have terrible anxiety, sleep apnoea fibro fog, pain artery in elbow left arm, terrible dizziness and flushing, it is worse abound pms, it has changed my life but i have lost 20 kgs and am on antidepressaants drink green tea, magnisim and try and look on the bright side and help myself i am 36 with 3 girls and a great husband so i am lucky


Brandy - September 6

I know your fear. I have a dx of fibro but am also under the care of a MS specialist. Altho I have been seeing this neurologist for over a year already I have not gotten a MS dx even tho I have many of the MS symptoms. FMS and MS share a lot of the same symptoms. I have had two brain MRI's and one of my C-spine with no lesions showing and that is good news but still she is now sending me for neuropsychological testing. In rare instances MS can show up in these test I guess. I wonder why it took so long for your MRI test to be scheduled? Did you have to make the appointment yourself or did your doctor make it? I find that when the doctor makes my appointment for test I get in much quicker. Good luck to you. I would say don't worry but I know that is much easier said than done! Just try to remember that FMS and MS share many of the same symptoms. Not that fibro is a picnic but I understand you not wanting MS. I am in the same boat!


CO mom of 2 - September 7

Sorry if this has already been said but I don't have time to read everyone's posts as I have to pick up my son in a minute, but this caught my eye.

Have you looked into B12 deficiency? I have fibro and also had some of these weird tingling problems and turns out my B12 was low. I can be very serious, can even be caused by an autoimmune disorder (pernicious anemia) where taking oral B12 won't help. My suggestion would be to research it and if it sounds right to you have your doctor check via a blood test. Good luck!


cnw1977 - May 1

Lyme tests ae very unreliable!Try Igenex for the best Lyme testing. Anyone with tingling should be tested via Igenex.

I used to have tingling, severe insomnia, joint pain, chest pain, electrical type pain, headaches, and just all around sick. I was cured with long-term antibiotics. I was tested negative for Lyme numerous times before finally being refered to Igenex. Igenex is much more sensitive. I think fibromyalgia is a name for symptoms that Drs can't diagnosis, caused by multiple, unknown etologies. I would strongly suggest Igenex Lyme testing. It saved my life. I also went through MS, fibro, cancer, lups possible diagnoses. You have to take control of your medical care to the maximum extent you can in order to preserve and protect your life.

If I listened to some of my Drs, I would be very sick or disabled right now.

Also, if you wait too long, MRI changes will eventually show up with Lyme and you will be diagnosed with MS.

Fibro is only treated with painkillers and antidepresssants, and CNS depressants. It is just masking the symptoms. Long-term antibiotics cured me! It took a year for most of my symptoms to disapear.


Fantod - May 1

Dids - I have tingling in both of my legs but it is due in part to a lumbar problem. It comes and goes. Have you seen a rheumotologist, a neurologist or just your primary care physican? You must live in the UK or Canada to have to wait months for an MRI. I'm sorry you are in such a predicament. Let us know how you do.


dwilmoth - May 1

Yes, that is how my fibro started. I had dibilitating dizziness, headaches and tingling. I pray you have niether ms or fibro. But I know how nervous you are. I was checked for ms too. I pray all goes well for you.


BrandyO - May 2

Hi dids.... I have had fibro symptoms for over 40 years. Started seeing a MS specialist over a year ago because I was having more and more neurological symptoms. Tingling, numbness, trigeminal neuralgia, vertigo, memory issues, balance problems, etc. Have had two brain MRI's and one of my C-spine. I had nerve conduction test and Neuropsychological test. No MS as of yet. I still see the MS specialist mostly because I absolutely love her plus she wants to keep and eye on my symptoms. My question to you is why is it taking so long to get you in for that MRI? The longest I ever waited was a few weeks. I guess it depends on where you go. I know this is easier said than done but try not to worry. I'll be thinking about you and hope all goes well. Brandy


lbrandel - May 11

I started to experience tingling, dizziness, headaches etc.. approx. eight years ago. I was sent to a neurologist in Minneapolis. She did many tests, including an MRI to rule out MS. Fortunately, I was not diagnosed with MS. I have dealt with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia for the past eight years. Flare-ups come and go. This spring I had a big flare, and have not felt better. I actually have another neuro appt. today just to rule out anything else. My Family physician did do a blood work-up and found that I have a b12 deficiency. I will discuss this with the neurologist today to see if this may have something to do with the longevity of this particular flareup. Best of luck to you.



sweetater - July 10

I am 33 years old I have had fibro for 12 years now it is a never ending process I have dizzy almost fainting spells they have checked everything on me and nothing comes back .. fibro can do so many things to us that noone knows i get the tingling in my head and face fingers and feet i get knots on my shoulders and my mid back and lower back aches like i got a severe case of the flu somedays it is like it is so hard to put one foot in front of the other .. i hope this helps cause i really thought there was something seriously wrong with me when i got these fainting spells but i dont pass out it is like my shoulders are tired of holding up my head .. take care..



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