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Fatigue, Dizziness & Tingling
68 Replies
tonyab1838 - October 8

I have tingling in my arms, head and legs. On bad days it turns into electric shocks but on good days it just tingles. I hope that you find out soon. Just keep a positive attitude and take care. God bless!


Steve - October 15

Me too. I started about a week after a hernia sugery. Numb spot on my right shoulder, that's been three months and it's still there. Then I started waking up with my little fingers numb, they "woke up" alright but it happens every night. Now my left foot is constantly tingling slightly and my shoulder get fatigued with just a little effort. My neurologist said my clinical exam was normal but scheduled me for an MRI this Monday. I'm afraid of MS too. Wish me luck.


adam - October 24

Hi ali, i have FM, but am awaiting to rule out MS by MRI.I suffer from chronic dizziness more so than tingling. can i ask u how often and how severe is your dizziness? im really worried!


MEV - November 2

I too am having these symptoms and to top it all off I am 1 month pregnant with first child. These symptoms started 2 months ago.
My MRI is put on hold for now. My mind is going crazy, I am worsening my symptoms withthis stress inside of me, I see a neurologist for the first atep next week. Left side is tingling/at times numb. Feel like my head's in the clouds, not dizzy, but just not right.
Have had inner ear issues before. Hoping that is causing my imbalance.


Lesley - November 15

I have lower back pain, tingling legs and feet, chest tightness, feeling of having to really kick out left leg when walking, facial numbness, dizziness, overall weakness and headaches can anyone tell me what it could be?


Anne - November 17

Been to GP with the following symptoms. Tingling legs and feet, bladder incontinence, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, lower back pain and headaches. Had some tests done GP referred me to neurologist for further tests as nerves are not responding properly.


Steve - November 17

Do yourselves a favor and get a GTT test done, I also have all the above symptoms and recently was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after being told for years I did not have diabetes. My doctor says as many as 20 million people have the disease here in America and do not know they have it or are misdiagnosed. If caught early much can be done, but if not treated it can cause many serious problems and even death. Please get tested. Good luck and God Bless! Oh yes,I also have Fibromyalgia.


ANGELA BUTLER - December 5



Jean - December 6

Hi dids: There are many conditions that mimic Fibromyalgia and MS is one of them. then there is restless leg syndrome, myofascial pain syndrome ,lyme disease, lupus there are many so no news is good news however I've been in the same boat. Fibromyalgia and MS do most exactly run parrelell with each other but that does not necessarily mean you have it. I know it would be better to get this test over with but sometimes the test will not show it either. Sometimes it takes 10 years for this disease to show up on an MRI so try not to stress out over it so much. I understand because I did stress out over it and I have recently been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. Having the condition of Fibromyalgia gives the medical comunity a great challenge as to what it is you really have and sometimes you may aquire a few conditions on top of Fibromyalgia like myofascial Pain Syndrome, restless leg Syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme disease, its so big. Now knowing all this and it will not go away because you will have good days and bad days it will over time stress your body out. In that case I would look into talking with your doctor about anxieity and depression which will also occur with the other symptoms you are telling me about. I've been in this for over 4 years now and I finally went to a psychiatrist to talk with them about what was going on with me and they are the best physicians in my estimation to monitor your antidepressant medications if you choose to do this. It will take time but why not since you have to wait for the MRI, see what this may do, it could help surprisingly. Hope I could help and lots of hugs this is tough.


Nancy - December 8

Yes, all those symptoms can be fibromyalgia. Or Lyme Disease. Have a doctor test for Lyme disease using a wide sprectrum Western Blot while you're waiting for an MRI. Try not to worry! I think you'd feel weakness in one side if it were MS
Take good care; try and schedule regular rest.


Jean - December 8

This question got alot of hits and not many answers. I think we need to know what doctors to go to. A Rheumatologist diagnosis and tests for Fibromyalgia, sorjourns syndromeand osteoarthritis Your GP can run a chemistry blood test on all your functions CBC and hormones. An Endogrinologist can run tests on all your hormones and glands, test for diabetes and osteoporosis. Your neurolgist can do nerve induction tests and MRI's for diagnosing MS. Your Internal Medicine Physician is capaple of much of the same tests already described. Y;ur Family Physcian can send you to the right specialist and I'm sure there is more that I have missed but just ask the right questions and you may get the right answers. With this condition of Fibromyalgia and it's co-conspirator MS I will tell you what my Neurologist told me and that is Fibromyalgia is not crippling and you experience numbness and tingling but it repairs itself, with MS you experience the same symptoms but you lose the capabilities of your limbs and have weakness that does not subside. So until that happens I would not stress out so much until all the factors are in. Hope that made sense. Take Care All of You.


Judi - December 9

Have a Rheumatologist test for Fibromyalgia. It is non-invasive and doesn't take long. Read all you can about Fibromyalgia


Y - May 18

Why does my laft hand go numb at the finger tips and my left foot tingles.


JJ - May 23

I have tingling/numbness only in my right toe. I have been diagnosed with FMS, but not all the classic symptoms fit me. I have more of the fatigue/fibro-fog than classic pain and soreness. I also got headaches and feel as though I am coming down with the flu.


susan - June 7

I have all these symtoms, hoever they are not related. You might have a pinched nerve in your back. I have degenerative disc in my L3, L4 and L5 discs my left leg tingles, burns etc off and all for years now! have the MRI !


Chris - June 7

Hi dids; I get a lot of that too, but I think in my case some of the tingling is from C5,C6,C7 damaged in my neck. I've been tested for MS, and you are right, not knowing is horrible.
I wish you only the best. take care.



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