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Fatigue, Dizziness & Tingling
68 Replies
carole - August 11

Hi i also suffer with tingling and numbness in left arm and leg also they go cold, i also wake up in night with a restless leg which in turn makes me tired during the day, could someone please point me in the right direction i am 36year old female thanks..


darlene - August 11

i have constant tingling and numbnes in my left arm. i have more numbing in my left upper shoulder than i do in the rest of my arm. as i am sitting this letter my whole arm is tingling and getting very weak. it worries me that it might be my heart.


ali - August 11

I have numbness below waist, hands and legs and face, tongue etc often. i have had fibro for over nine years recently it has been really bad so i ended up having MRI of head and spine so they could rule out MS. i was convinced it was ms so when the results came back that i had not got ms i was shocked but also glad the numbness still happens often but now when it happens i know it is only my fibro causing it and not MS so now i just live with. So hopefully yours will be ok and good luck


ali - August 11

also i forgot to mention the dizziness head achesand fatigue


HRW - August 12

I decided to try this site as just several days ago my left arm started tingling and feeling somewhat numb. Thought it was a bloody stroke or heart attack so I I have been taking ST. Joseph aspirins. Havent seen a Doctor yet. Thoughts anyone ?


Melissa - August 24

I am a 34 year old female. I had a hysterectomy last year and was also diagnosed with gilbert's syndrome (liver disorder). When I first went to see my doctor with the dizziness he thought it could be the start of depression so I am now on depression medications but the dizziness is now getting worse. As I'm sitting here writing this my head just feels very funny like it's heavy. I tried helping my daughter with a puzzle but couldn't cause my left are kept getting tingly. My doctor is now referring me to a nerologist and I see him on Tuesday. I am scared all of you are right the not knowing is even scarier.


Melissa - August 24

Also forgot to mention that I too sometimes get this restless feeling in my legs that wakes me up in the middle of the night. And my lower back always hurts and sometimes I get cramps that feel like menstrual cramps but like I said I had a hysterectomy so can't be that..anyone with the same?


tonyab1838 - August 25

I get tingling and swelling in my left arm, hand and fingers. Sometimes I get it in my right foot as well. The Dr., at one point, thought that I might have MS. I know how scary that sounds but I went to a Rhuematologist and was diag. with FMS. I found that the heating pad wrapped around my arm helps with the aching. Take care and God bless!


Renee - August 26

I also have had numerous episodes of tingling sensations over the years.i am now 35 and my face feels so tingly and even my tongue. My leg and fingers and toes also do it.Have had a MRI that showed nothing.I feel like a hypochondriac.The neurologist says it is just anxiety.They always want to put you on anti deppresants.Your brain can make all kinds of things happen to your body over stress so i would not worry...


my husband 30 years old - August 28

military 4 anthrax shots later I must add
because alot of people are unaware the the additives to alot of VACCINES
do this to you all,He has all these symptoms!!his started with tingling hands ,moved up his arms. He wakes shaking his arms.His right arm stays cold,right upper trunk stays cold.They have ruled out any major heart disease. with 2 echo , 2 stress tests he does have 12% difference in each arm there is a type of vasculitis that is this way.HOW strange for so many people all over the world to have the SAME things going on!and doctors are basically DUMB founded!!he has stroke symptoms, both arms and both legs go numb,disorientation,felt air bumble move don his chest once that was WIERD,fire pain through lower legs,Left part of face is still numb after last episode.Right eye is being affected.vission is changing,blurred,colors look different through the right eye.his head circumference is increasing VERY slowly and then he has a gargling noise while he sleeps , we think SPinal fluid leak.His MRI shows a base line shift,&spinal columnchanges We are not sure what to think of his doc just yet.they say no stroke but he has perm damage???????


Jean - August 30

Get as much ruled out as possible. I have been diagnosed four years now. Make sure your hormones are balanced, see an endocrinologist, this could cause dizziness also chemicals in the brain might be disruptive, antidepressants are usually given but be careful and see a specialist for this medication.Anxiety and Depression runs hand in hand with this condition and it would be wise to get it addressed.A psychologist has the right stuff to help you better in that area since he/she specializes in it. Fibromyalgia can also occur with Myofasia Pain Syndrome. It seems to be the worst part of this condition. You can have both. A Rheumatolgist is the one to diagnose this and physical therapists can help with releasing your muscles and its' toxins. Anything happening with the left side of your body and chest tightness I would consult a physician to rule out heart problems because with this condition it is hard to differentiate. Restless leg syndrome is a different condition and there is medication for it. Getting a good nights sleep into stage 4 you may need a prescription to accomplish this. Very important to get good sleep. Again stretching is very helpful with this condition and know your limits.


Melissa - September 1

Just a follow up to my last neurologist is testing me for lyme disease my thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis...might be a good idea to get tested for all of this. I have recently noticed that I get a burning feeling in my I have been walking all mom has RA and she has the same symptoms that I have including the tingling feeling, numbness, burning in the legs and bruises that just appear from thin air and never seem to go away.


Jean - September 5

Hi Mellisa. RA is a very difficult condition as well. I'm thinking if your mom has it then you may have it. Whether this all runs into fibro I don't know but your Rheumatologist will know.


Claudes - October 8

Yes I have tingling in both arms and hands which occurs without notice and last for approximately 5 monutes.


C.O. - October 8

I'm 58 yr. old retired female and I was diagnosed with MS three years ago, Dec. 2002. In Sept 2005, I develope a new sympton that both my arms and hands tingle without warning. I also find myself getting sleepy in the afternoon and must rest. I don't need anymore surprises.


tonyab1838 - October 8

I have tingling in my arms, head and legs. On bad days it turns into electric shocks but on good days it just tingles. I hope that you find out soon. Just keep a positive attitude and take care. God bless!



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