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Fatigue, Dizziness & Tingling
68 Replies
dids - September 7

I am 34 yr old female and have always been active and seemingly healthy. For the past 3 months I have had extreme fatigue, dizziness, tension headaches and now tingling. I have had all the blood tests, chest x-ray, holter monitor and now with this tingling my doctor suggest testing for MS. This obviously scares me. I would actually feel happier at this point to think these symptoms are fibro and not MS. On top of it, it will be many months before I will be fit in for an MRI. Not knowing is torturous. Anyone else have tingling that comes and goes and seems more steady in one area i.e. left leg?


minne - April 2

Yes, tingling in my fingers & arm and sometimes by left leg & even my face. Do finish out your testing for MS howevr as its best to rule out MS.


minne - April 2

Forgot also add a little surgar as well


DS - April 21

Yes I too get the tingling in my arms and feet and numbness. I get th tingling the most in my left arm and left leg and it seems to be more present right where the main arteries are on the inside of my arm and leg.


Jan - April 22

Both my of hands tingle very often, and feel cold and numb. But its my left arm that tingles and feels numb just about all the time. Its been like it for years. I have gotten used to it, and hardly notice it anymore


diane h - May 17

i am a 38 year old women.i have crohns disease.i have recently ben having some dizzy spells and tingling in my left arm all the way down to my you have any idea what it could be


Holly - June 8

In response to dids: I just recently have come down with tingling in my left arm and leg as well as dizziness and fatigue. Did you ever get a diagnosis? I have just been told I am negative for Lyme and Thyroid.


Steph - June 8

Tingling in left foot, numbness in left arm, and burning on left side of my face. MRI has ruled out MS. I was a total wreck until I finally got the results. Lost 4 pounds. I know what you are going through. Try not to get too nervous, I will only aggravate your symptoms.


Holly - June 9

Did any of you have a diagnosis? The not-knowing is driving me nuts.


Mary - July 8

I too get tingling in my left arm/fingers. Swelling too. Also get "electrical-like" pulsations down my left leg and strange tingling on my cheeks and jawline. Had an MRI to rule out MS. I also had to wait for these test results. It literally made me crazy and the symtoms got worse -- lost weight, got depressed, etc.


Karen - July 10

I also suffer from fatigue. I could sleep for hours and wake up and still not feel rested. Sometimes I feel so tired that I could fall asleep. How do sleep at night? If you wake up alot like I do that explains why we are so tired. A restless sleep cam make it worse for people who suffer with fibro.


Fred - July 16

For the past 3 months I (69 year old male in good physical condition) have had tingling and numbness in my left arm, left leg and left ankle. I am still trying to figure out what is causing it and as soon as I figure it out, I will post the answer.


Marty - July 17

Hey. I have all these symptoms. I have been tested for MS as well. I got tested twice as i had persuaded myself that it was. Fortunately both MRIs have come back negative. I am currently seeing a chiropractor who practices 'Chiropractic Neurology'. He diagnosed me with a vestibulo-cerebellar imbalance. I suggest you look this up. I have had some good results, however the underlying problem is still there - it is only seeming to help reduce the symptoms, not compeletly remove them. If anyone finds something better, please let me know....


Linne - July 20

hi. i too am shit scaredthat i have ms. for the past 4 days i have had numbness in my left hand, arm and foot and also on the left side of my skull. Ive been really out of it also. glad to hearthat these symptoms dont definitely mean i have it. going to bangkok now to get tested. wish me luck...


Doretta - July 24

Wow, I thought I was crazy until I read these answers. I Have the most pain down my right side arm, leg and the whole right side. I was diagnosed last year with FMS when I went to the doctor with all over pain and fatigue. I've had the pain down my right side off and on for years but nothing was ever found. I fnally just decided if it didn't get worse it must not be anything. Now I know what it is and I'm having a really bad spell with my right side now.


Sara - July 27

I too have had similar symptoms. (22 year old healthy female) tingling face, arms, legs, even tongue and teeth. i also get random muscle twitched all over my body. i get an MRI in 3 months. the wait is torture indeed!


carole - August 11

Hi i also suffer with tingling and numbness in left arm and leg also they go cold, i also wake up in night with a restless leg which in turn makes me tired during the day, could someone please point me in the right direction i am 36year old female thanks..



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