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Fatigue and Excessive Pain in Fingers & Elbows
4 Replies
michkal - August 31

My fatigue is really bad today. Anyone have any ideas. I feel like I am a sleepwalker. I laydown to sleep and unable to fall a sleep. Also, lately Ive noticed that when it comes to bending my elbows and fingers it is like they are so stiff and painful to move. This is getting worse not better. I am on savella, vicodin and oxicotin along with flexerall. Ive tried cymbalta and lyrica with disasterous results for me.


toots2889 - August 31

Hi Michal! I suffer with my elbows and fingers alot to. They are starting to really flare up now that the weather here is getting cooler. Ive had no success finding anything that really helps much other than stretches. Does your doc give you anything at night to help you sleep? If not id suggest you ask for something. Not getting enough sleep will just add to your problems. Hope i was of some help. Take care and god bless.


Fantod - September 1

How about a warm paraffin bath? You can buy a reasonably priced waxing unit at Bed Bath and Beyond. Paraffin is highly recommended for arthitics with hand stiffness. And, it because it is deep warmth it tends to stay with you. Take care.


mimosette - September 4

paraffin baths are HEAVEN! My sister got me one on clearance after Christmas for $10 !!
My only complaint: it's not large enough for my whole body to fit into


ptalana - September 4

I too find my fingers extremely stiff and painful, especially now that the weather is getting cooler. Last winter my hubby picked me up these microwavable mittens, they also contain essential oils from lavender and cloves. When microwaved these oils become activated and extremely soothing!!!!
As for sleep (what is sleep), I can't seem to get more than 2-3 hours nightly. I do take a muscle relaxer before bed, falling asleep isn't my problem it's staying asleep!!!!
I can totally relate to your results with the lyrica and cymbalta, I'm just in the process of wheening myself off of the cymbalta.
I think my hubby picked up these mittens at one of those "as seen on t.v" shops, I totally recommend these to everyone.
Take care, Patty



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