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Farewell and good luck to all of you
7 Replies
dream69 - January 11

I share information to help you with your search for answers and you criticize me. I too am in pain and I also suffer like all of you. My wife is pregnant and it is our first child. I don’t want to be a sick father. I will do anything to be there for them. I want to be able to live a normal life and spend as much time with them. I am afraid. When I grew up my mother was always sick and my father was always at work and I don’t want to let this happen to my family. I want to be there with them always. My mother, aunt, sister, and cousin all share that pain and maybe others in my family. It is I who is doing something not just for me but also for all of them. This Christmas do you know what I bought them, a box of ginger root tea. They are also believers now. It is not a cure but its better then taking 20 pills a day and still feeling like a truck ran over you. All I am going to say is goodbye and I wish you all good luck in your struggle with this disease. I truly hope we can all live once again at peace with ourselves and enjoy our lives with all of our loved ones. FAREWELL.


Lyle Anderson - January 11

Does 'dream69' sound like a man's name to you (unles it's obscene)? And why are dream69's practices, language, and comments virtually identical to the infamous Larry/Kathy/Helen? Hmmmm..... Bye, Kiddo, have a good life.


dream69 - January 11

The meaning of dream69


dream69 - January 11

Now that I went back to read the infamous LARRY/ KATHY posts, my info and theirs may be similar in some respects but I am not pushing some Hawaiian quack doctor, nor am I pushing Vit B12, nor am I suggesting excessive amounts of iodine. So how can you confuse my posts with theirs. Granted one of my post was long. Sorry! I do not want to be associated with these posts or people. I am not for naturopaths. I see a Rheumatologist here in houston. I give up.


dream69 - January 11

I just read Helens post, I disagree iodine is not deficient in our society. My belief is that most forms of fibromyalgia are due to autoimmune disease, which has nothing to do with iodine. Several studies have shown that most fibromyalgia patients have antibodies against the proteins that carry the hormone thyroxine. This is why the ginger works. Ginger has been shown to work well with other autoimmune diseases such as RA and Lupus. Helens and Kathys post are similar and Larry clearly a male but with similar ideas.


JJ1 - January 12

I believe that some if not all of my symptoms that have been attributed to Fibromyalgia could be due to nutrient deficiency -- not due to a defiency in my diet but in my inability to absorb nutrients from food and vitamins taken orally. The nexium that I take for Gastric Reflux (due to hiatal hernia) has neutralized my stomache acid to the point that I know I am not able to absorb iron (it is a listed side effect of nexium and I go anemic on a yearly basis and have to get IV iron injections). If I am not able to absorb iron, what else can't be absorbed? Recent studies on Nexium that I read about in our newspaper are attributing increased bone breakage to nexium (and other similar proton-pump inhibitors) and this, they say is due to not absorbing calcium. So, I know I could be lacking in iron and calcium, so why not other essential nutrients, such as iodine, magnesium, B-12? I am tending to think that Fibromyalgia is a convenient name for a cluster of symptoms for which the doctors cannot pinpoint a cause, but what we have is a wide variety of things going on with different causes for different people. That is why there seem to be so many different triggers for Fibromyalgia, so many different symptoms and different combinations, different intensities of pain, some with mostly fibrofog, others with mostly unbearable pain, etc.


dream69 - January 12

JJ1: A lot of people have the same symptoms but there are various diseases that mimic classical fibromyalgia caused by the disruption of the thyroxin pathway. Various researchers share this belief. The Medical community will diagnose someone with fibromylagia if you have the tender points and also all of the other symptoms that we all have in common and if no other cause has been found. I believe that some people on this forum have true fibromyalgia (disruption of the thyroxin pathway) or something else that has not been fully investigated. Systemic illness is difficult to diagnose. The diseases that are confused with fibromyalgia are: Chiari Syndrome (spinal malformation), Hemochromatosis (with diabetes), and Mediterranean Fever (inherited disorder). There are other diseases that affect the thyroxin pathway that will cause secondary fibromyalgia. For example liver disease, it is known to disrupt the thyroxin pathway also.


Iori - January 15

hi dream69. I'm sorry you have been treated so badly by a few people out here. most of us are really nice actually... really! i've had my fill of BS, so I won't get into it here, but I think you already "get" that this Lyle person is a crock & was confusing you with some one else. if you read through the last few days posts it will all be clear... Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts & appreciate your input. Please don't let a few bad apples spoil it, please don't leave this forum. I've read your some of your helpful messages to LynnFT and you have a lot to offer us out here. So don't be discouraged & disappear on us! also congrats to you & your wife on the upcoming birth of your baby, you sound excited. I also have a question about the Ginger Tea.... does Fresh Ginger work as well as the dried tea? does it have to be a special kind? I sometimes steep regular ginger root in steaming water & just drink it that way. I heard years ago from a TCM that Ginger is great for inflammation in the body. Looking fwd to hearing from you. take care.



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