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Family Cirlce Magazine March 2007 FMS Article
5 Replies
Fantod - March 20

Hello - Found an article in this issue on FMS. It talks about various medications including sleep aids like Ambien, & Sonata. Apparently Sonata only works for 3 or 4 hours which is unlikely to leave you drowsy the next day. Ambien is longer lasting- 7 to 8 hours. The article when on to say that there are some new medications which include Pregabalin (used for seizures & nerve damage), Cymbalta, Pinodolol (blood pressure med), & Mirapex (for Parkinson's). A nondrug treatment being used is crainal electrotherapy sold by script as "Alpha-Stim." Two electrodes are clipped to either ear & a weak electrical impulse is sent to the brain causing pain messages to short circuit. In a survey 363 FMS sufferers who tried the treatment, 91% reported a 25% improvment in their condition after 3 weeks.


JJ1 - March 20

OK, the electrodes sound pretty scary to me. Fortunatley I don't have a lot of physical pain, so not something I would look at anyway. I will look for the magazine and article though. Thanks for the heads up.


Fantod - March 20

The site is for more information. The unit is $395.00.


teresat - March 21

This sounds similar to a TENS unit. I have not found that TENS unit worked for me. So I would be very leery of spending that much money for something that may or may not work! Does the DR administrate this or is it a do it yourself thing?


Fantod - March 21

Teresat - You can but the unit yourself from the website. According to the article this is a new treatment so I woud guess that most FMS doctors may not know about or have a unit available for a patient to try.


Jean Taylor - March 23

I've a TENS unit. IT "hurts so good" while on and delays pain by a few minutes afterward for me. Not sure it is worth it but it's something to do other then lay there moaning having a little Fibromyalgia Pitty Party - which you can't HELP but do from time to time. But at this point - I'd do/try anything to have my life back again!



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