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Falling apart I guess
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JOEGIRL - March 24

Here I am again with another sinus and ear infection. I went back to dr.and now I am going to ENT in 2 days. My eyesight is going bad and I wonder whats next. I am so tired of being sick and hurting. What a life? Guess I am stressed out.
This fibro and what goes with it has really got me down.
Hope yall are having better day. I havn't been on this board in a few days so I got some catching up to do.I just havn't felt like doing anything. Like an old dishrag laying around.


kaime - March 24

Hang in there JOEGIRL. I know where you are coming from! ((hug))


axxie - March 25

Hey Joegirl, do hang in, here's what I found for your problem with sinus and eyes problems. I was reading the book called Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (A survival manual, second edition) by Devin Starlanyl et Mary Ellen Copeland) book cost approximately 20 to 25.00.
Pages 78 to 81, this is what they are saying.
The Head Bone's Connected to the Neck Bone.
1. Do you have motor coordination problems and clumsiness? you know the one where you bump into doorjambs, walls and other stationary objects.
Proprioceptor dysfunction may be associated with any TrP, but it is especially linked to SCM TrPs. These TrPs can cause any (or all) of the following problems: dizziness, imbalance, neck soreness, a swollen glands feeling, runny nose, maxillary sinus congestion, tension headaches, eye problems (tearing, bug-eyes, blurred or double vision, inability to raise the upper eyelid, dimming of perceived light intensity, spatial disorientation, postural dizziness, vertigo, sudden falls while bending, unintentional veering while walking, staggered walk, impaired sleep, nerve entrapment, and disturbed weight perception. This last symptoms can result in spilling food and drink, and in throwing an object across the room when you are just trying to pick it up.

Sinus stuffiness, postnasal drip & runny nose, congestion. The TrP is in a cutaneous facial muscle, the zygomaticus major, and it can add to sinus pain, it may also cause a restriction of several inches of your jaw opening.
They say you should try salt water mixture (spray or stream) you get those at the pharmacy, and your are use it, it might clear up your sinus problems. I do use it, and find it clears up my sinus and I'm ok for the day, from having symptoms of sinus pain and sinus congestion.
I hope this helps, I know it's confusing, cause reading it, makes my eyes jump off the page and have problems starring cause it gets blurry.
I do think you should buy yourself or maybe your local library has this book or any other book about FMs. I'm sure you would probably find what you need in references of those books.
Good luck to you Joegirl.



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