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Fall Blues
9 Replies
DEBRA - October 4

I hate season change. I can't stand it. I'm dreading fall like a hole in the head. And my favorite show Starting Over was cancelled, life sucks


barbar - October 4

No! Fall is beautiful! Why do you hate the changing of the season's so much? Is it the change or is it the new season? Sorry about your show but there are tons of new ones coming out. You may find a new favorite. Of course, there is always Stargate SG1. Now there's a show! Especially Teal'c!!!! Wow! Whatta guy.


DEBRA - October 4

I think it's the inevatuble cold comeing. i never have seen stargate. is your babar name because you lvoe the elephant?? i loved it too!! i remember watching it when i was sick in the hosital as a little girl


Debra4Real - October 5

Hi:Debra Well,it seems that there is more than one out here.It sounds like your going through a rough patch and that you need a little support.It may seem that your like sucks but,try to find one thing every day that puts a smile on your face even if its only for a minute.Say or do something kind for someone else that might make you feel better.Its very hard to go through life living in constant pain and not knowing what the next day may bring .Savor all the good times and look forward to many more for your future.Please try to stay strong and possitive as much as your can.Ask a friend or someone that cares for you,for a big gentle hug.Take good care.Always Debra.


TERESA - October 5

I know what you mean about fall being a reminder that winter is not far behind! I don't do well in the cold, my symptoms are much worse it seems!


JJ1 - October 5

I am in Florida so seasons are no big deal for me. I usually get stressed about hurricane season, tho. Thankfully this year has been very quiet.


Jeanie - October 5

I love the season changes. It's the cold and dampness I can't stand. But I also get blue more because the warmth of the sun is good for you. Don't dread the fall. Love it. It's leaves are beautiful. Did you know that a tree is stronger without the leaves because it gets all the nutrients and doesn't have to give it to the leaves. I go to a wonderful psychcologist and that's what she would tell me. It's wonderful to have someone to talk to that understands. This forum is good. I've learned a lot and been helped a lot even tho I don't ask questions.


Jeanie - October 5

It's called seasonal affective disorder.


barbar - October 5

Debra, and for all, my name is "barbar" because I made a type when I first logged in and left the last "a" off my name but I still love the elephant! Also, Debra, remember that depression is part of our disorder (which I believe is an actual disease (FMS) and not just an elaborate symphany of symptoms). That means we will find ourselves sad with no reason. Our 'reason'---that is, our ability and need to reason---cannot accept this and will thus try to find a reason for our distress. It goes out seeking and will often attach our depression to the only thing that has varied recently in our lives or has had the greatest variance. That can results in becoming destressed over changes in the season. We are all familiar with this process the 'rationale system' follows: if it can't find anything, it will ofter resort to memories and we can thus find ourselves upset over something that happened in our childhood or putting too much emphasis on things that happened long ago. Once we come to grips with this normal process the rationale goes through, and how it can traumatize difficult events in our lives, it becomes a lot easier to deal with those traumatic events. This doesn't mean that we don' t actually have traumatic events in our lives, or that we really aren't suffering, it just adds another factor to the mix of things distressing us. For example, some of us may have suicidal ideations. If they come at routine times, for example, in the evening or just after waking up in the morning, most likely they are part of our biochemical depression and do not truly reflect events going on in our lives. It's like the "sundowning" experienced by Alzheimer patients. All I'm saying is that we have real diseases---like diabetes, hypertension, or MS---and these diseases have very real effects and that some of these effects look like the symptoms of other disorders. In an ironic sense, the reality of FMS is that some of the symptoms are 'unreal' symptoms of other things. It's not enough that FMS has to do to us what it actually does, now it has to go out and manufacture other disorders/diseases/ syndromes as well. Find a new favorite show (check out Stargate SG1 because Teal'c is the best looking hunk of anything appearing anyway in the entertainment world!), tell your body and mind that you refuse to accept that the changes of the seasons are anything but beautiful, have a cookie and a soda, plop your butt down in the most comfortable chair you own, watch your new favorite TV show (or even a few of them) and drool over Teal'c!


Theodora - November 16

Teal'c is a HUNK Babar!



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