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Fading symptoms only to get new ones
5 Replies
Jeannie3 - January 11

I've often wondered reading so many posts talking about symptoms that I remembered having almost all of the symptoms one time or another but they have gone away only to be replaced by new ones. I always thought its my body adjusting to one and then I'd feel like maybe the FMS is going away only to be replaced with another symptom. Has anyone felt the same way?


JJ1 - January 11

Before I knew what was going on (well, not sure if I understand what is going on even now, but before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia) had pains that would move around to different parts of my body. I would one day have such pain in my knee that I could not walk without crutches. I would have no recollection of injuring myself. After over a week of this debiliating pain and a trip to the orthopedic doctor who just thought I was a hypochondriac, the pain disappeared. Then later I would get another pain. I remember wearing a neck brace for over a month because my neck pain was so severe. It was after a year and many visits to the orthopedic doctor and pains that would be in my knee one time, shoulder the next, then neck, elbow, hip, you name it, with them finding nothing wrong that they finally suggested that I see a rheumatologist. Now I don't have severe pains like that (well, except for horrible back pain last week, but that was the first in quite some time) but I do get symptoms that come in waves. I may get a feeling like I am coming down with the flu, only to have the feeling vanish without ever really getting the flu. Or I may have overwhelming fatigue for several days for no apparent reason. The only consistent symptom I seem to have is an inability to concentrate and stay focused (part of the fibro-fog).


Lyle Anderson - January 11

We have a 'slitherly' disease. Symptoms come and go, I think each may be on it's own separate cycle, different ones peaking together in different combinations. We are the first generation where this disease is actually recongnized and the first generation of research. They will find out some things in our lifetime but not all. Let's all just hang in there.


Jeannie3 - January 11

JJ1 you described it perfectly. I went through the same process with neck braces hand braces and the flu symptoms. I never knew what was going to hit me next, Lyle you're right on, we need to tell our doctors of each faze we are going through. Then the research people could have something to work with. Having support from each other fibroers is so important as well. I'm sure many of you have gone through symptoms alone as I have and always questioning things.


kaye - January 12

I have had the same problem my pain would go away in one area then the next day i have pain back in another place. for several months had pain in my neck then it went away now i have pain in my lower back and knees.


JJ1 - January 12

kaye, I know that it is not much consolation, but the only thing that helped me is time. These pains usually fade away with time but unfortunately would reappear somewhere else later. I can say that these pain symptoms were much worse before I was diagnosed. Once diagnosed, I was put on Elavil to improve my sleep and the severe pain is very infrequeint now although I still will get minor aches and pains.



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