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Facial Weakness
4 Replies
Kerrie - October 28

For those of you that get facial weakness do you also feel as if your face is being dragged down on one side?
I keep getting this and it is horrible I feel like I am havinga stroke! I have had a brain scan done in April which was fine and was discharged but going togo back to the neurologist again next week but just wonderedif this was a common symptom?


lorieholtz - October 28

back in may i woke up one morning with one side of my face slightly drooping along with that i had a sense of confusion. by later that evening i could hardly walk straight .. walked worse than someone that was severely drunk. the sagging in my face was gone by that afternoon, but the other syptoms were persistant. for the next few days i could not hold a conversation, contentrate, forgot what i had done 5 min prior. it was awful scary. my dr did an mri and i had not had a stroke. that wk i was to have injections in my cervical spine but my nuerosurgeon wouldn't do cux he didn't know what was going on with me. lol while in his office i fell right into him. seriously i couldn't walk right i would be all over the place. so went to help there either. this went on for about3-4 wks the gait problem. but the confusion, concentration, dizziness and vertigo lack of vocabualry continued. my neuroligist had me come bk and he reexamined me, now take it that it had only been like a few wks prior i had gone there for my initial visit and it was very extensive of 3 ppl in the room helping him with it. now on this visit after all this happened i somehow developed hyperflexia which from what he said and his neuro pa said it was at a high level. they had several ppl come in and redo this exam. he sat down and said to me ... on ur first visit here u didn't have any of this, but since ur episode of all that i mentioned above u now do. i sat there and was wondering ok what does this mean lol. all i know is that it def told him that i was going thru severe pain. so something u def can't fake. btw the facial droop was not bells palisey. from time to time since then kerrie i still get this (weakness on one side of face).. thank god it doesn't last long. and still have those other symptoms. i've been in the dark since it happened till the other day i first came in here. their was actually a word for it and that is fibro fog. now that doesn't cover the facial issue but the whole concentration, remembering, lack of vocab did. i'm still not sure if this facial weakness is a sign of fms. also at that time for a couple months and this what made me get an appt with a neuro was that my cervical pain was thru the roof, severe shoulder pain, elbow, hands,shoulder blades pain. all upper areas of my body. now the pain in that area feels somewhat better but now its all from low bk to feet. i too would like to get more response from others about this facial weakness and is this part of fibro.


Kerrie - October 28

Oh no poor you. Can i ask what is hyperflexia? Myface feels better today but still not great, have booked an appointment with the neurologist next week but since having it I really feel like I cant talk or i am slurring, people say I am not but thats what it feels like/


lorieholtz - October 29

i did get to the point of slurring speach and all and thats why they thougt i had a stroke but i had not. but till this day i have no answer as to what happened to me and i can say since that day i've been down hill. as far as the hyperflexia go to webmd and it will tell u more info than i can give, but one thing it told my drs for sure is that i was in noway faking pain. i saw where it can indicate all sorts of diseases, but right now i've not focused to much on it. but try that and c. have ur dr ck u reflexes and its not just a hit on the knee. one of them is them flicking ur middle finger, but again that justs one. they cked reflexes all over my body.
hope this helps some and tc


Kerrie - October 30

I recently had my reflexes checked and thedoctor said my right side was almost absent of reflexses : ( particuarlymy abdomen



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