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14 Replies
PEGGY - May 3



shula - May 10

Hi Peggy, I don't get pain on my face but insted its the side of my neck, it feels like someone is putting a hot iron on my skinn, it happens all the time, that is just another wonderfull symptom of fibro!!!


Fantod - May 11

It sounds like nerve pain to me. Both Peggy and shula should consider talking to their doctor's about gabapentin.


Wonka - May 18

I'm OK with having these weird sensations on my face and other parts. I was put on gabapentin and it gave me extreme memory loss. I'll never take it again.


springhillfresh - May 24

I do experience abnormal facial sensations. Sometimes my temples, cheeks and forehead feel numb or have a tickling sensation. For me, massaging the sternocleidomastoid muscle works. It's the ropey muscle that runs from the mastoid process (the rounded bump behind your ear) to the joint between your collarbone and sternum at the base of your throat. Just take an analgesic rub and massage one side at a time for at least 10-15 minutes twice per day. After you massage this area try touching your chin to your chest then slowly move your neck on each side as if you wanted to touch your ear to your shoulder. This will help stretch the muscle. Hope this helps!


Titanic1974 - May 30

A lot of times! Sometimes I feel like something very bad is happening with me...


Natasha31 - June 1

Hi Peggy Yes feels like something is touching you or you have little things crawling but nothing there, i get terrible jaw n face pain feels like i have hit by mike tyson most mornings lol but the pain works around the cheeks up through the ears and around the neck, My cheeks feel like they have come away from the bone and there is something underneath moving them and pushing them out Strange i know, I usually put a cold face pack on, Keep Smiling Nat x


Ryan - December 15

I have been having the sensations of running water on my face for over a year. It began at my first transcendental meditation where I was seeking natural cures for migraines results of a TBI I received while in the Marines. These sensations can be very itchy and seem to flare up with stress. When I close my eyes it feels like water is dropping outside my skin to my chest. Sometimes it runs up my face too. I found that when it is bad if I close my eyes to meditate or pray an electric charge runs up my body like a match to gasoline. Adrenaline seemed to be the spark and I eventually learned to replicate this rush (hair tingling chills) my thinking heroic thoughts. My mental state has been diminishing in all this uncertainty and I thought people were doing this to me (trying to help me with out letting me know). Unaware of FM till a few days ago, I believed that I was some sort of experiment or even spiritual attacks. I felt as if I could feel other peoples electric fields they put off, and even thought it was some new chemical that make me itchy if I lied or was sinning. Eventually I tried to ignore the invisible streams down my face but all I did was think of every possible explanation for why it was happening to me without any outside points of view. This literally drove me to thinking the tv was speaking to me. My brain found similarities in everything then tried to make reason from nonsense. I am so glad to hear that it is just a symptom of FM the others experience as well, the insanity is gone and I am thrilled that it is FM and not any of my crazy ideas.

Did anyone else suffer socially from this or come up with a crazy explanation before realizing the truth?


axxie - December 17

The water sensation until a year ago, I thought I was going crazy. Well no it's actually FMS. I found out when I went and saw this doctor who is an expert of FMS, he asked me if I was felling any water sensation and I just looked at him, well yes, and he assured me that yes it is quite normal. The tingling, the flare ups, the electric charge is all FMS. I don't get as much anymore because I have stopped taking all the drugs that were prescribed to me, what I found is, the drugs that they give you some of them are the cause of these sensation and others I think is from FMS and the stress.


axxie - December 17

Ryan, a question you mention you were in the Marines, could you possibly be having problems such as having PTSD symptoms. The FMS part is all related, to PTSD. I did not know that until I met a counsellor who explained to me that she had some clients who were diagnosed with FMS and PTSD. I am one of such, for a few years, I was prescribed just about every pill known to mankind for FMS, all while I also had PTSD. I have met with a counsellor who knows a lot about PTSD, she used to work for US Military she found that FMS and PTSD runs along the same line. I finally started understanding what triggers my anxiety, and my stress. If I keep myself away from stress, I feel better and have less sensations as you described in your post. I finally left my job, because I just could not work with FMS and my PTSD.


HHP - January 2

My face just hurts most of the time. I literally am always pinching my cheeks and eyebrows because it just feels weird (if I can even use that word anymore...Fibro is one long series of weird). I actually get the feeling like someone has turned on a hose on the inside of me and it rushes through my entire body. It hasnt happened in a while but I am literally exhausted after it happens. I used to think it was happening for an hour or more and my husband said its usually less than a minute to a minute and half...freaky. I have had these "episodes" since I was a kid, so they arent from any meds. Anyone esle have anything similar ?


January - February 5

Hi Ryan - Hope you get this message, I just noticed that your odd symptoms happened during transcendental meditation. There are a lot of strange sensations that can be due to the awakening of kundalini - this can happen spontaneously in meditation. I'd suggest you google "kundalini awakening" and do some reading about its effects. (One of the books I read on this was written by Gopi Krishna, but there are others.) Sometimes the symptoms of kundalini awakening can be scary if you don't realize what is happening to you. Really, it's just a process of spiritual awakening, though the physical effects can be strange. Please check and see if the symptoms describe what's happening to you. Good luck, and hope you get some answers.


KarenLL - April 6

I was having terrible sore throats and ear pain. After three years and 7 doctors, talk of Brain surgery and lots of awful meds with awful side effects, I finally diagnosed myself with Myofascial Pain Syndrome. My chiropractor works on my face and keeps the pain in check. If anyone is told that they may have Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, I urge you to look up Myofascial Pain Syndrome. It goes along with my Fibromyalgia. None of the 7 Specialists I saw had ever heard of it of course. You have to be your own researcher, advocate and know yourself. It helps that I am a nurse, but I still get so very angry when I end up always diagnosing myself and being absolutely correct every single time. Specialists are not always what they are cracked up to be, believe me I know. That's why they call it the "practice" of medicine.


jpilarczyk - April 13

i get sometimes get the sensations of something crawling on me. whether it be on my arms or legs. recently ive been having issues with showering. i have been having to start off with a lukearm shower, anything warmer than that feels like hundreds of tiny needles piercing my skin. its crazy. its not that the shower it too warm, i always check it before getting in. this has been going on for about 3 weeks now. i also get these very sensitive spots on my skin. to the point were my clothing touching it hurts. feels like its chafing. usually only lasts about an hour or so, but so frustrating
have not been officially diagnosed with Fibro, but i have so many of the symptoms. seeing the Dr in a few days to get things figured out.


am0627 - March 27

I have just started to experience this strange sensation a couple days ago. I thought I was going crazy. I keep feeling like there's a hair brushing against my chin, but nothing is there!! It's driving me insane because I already hate the feeling of having hair on me at all. I was thinking of going to the doctor but fear they will look at me like I'm crazy and tell me there is nothing wrong.



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