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facet injections
8 Replies
carrie lee - October 20

Has anyone had cerical facet injections? Tuesday my pain doc is going to give me 8 facet injections and two occipital nerve blocks. He seems to think I may get some headache relief from all of this. I trust him, but TEN needles in my cervical spine especially c1,c2 has me a little nervous.


carm - October 20

Can't say as I have personally, but let me know how it goes. Good luck.


TERESA - October 20

Sounds SCARY to me!! Are these permanent blocks? My doctor suggested a nerve block for the pain in my side, but I said NO! He wasn't evensure what was wrong with me at the time and now I"m glad I didn't do it!! I know two people that had blocks done to them for different reasons, and they didnt work!! One of them ended up with facial paralysis! Please be careful!!


Amyloo - October 22

Hi Carrie Lee, I have had two cervical facet injections. One gave me relief for one day and the other did nothing. My doctor told me they are a crapshoot, sometimes they help sometimes they don't. (The only cool part was they gave me Versed!) I hope it goes well for you; the equipment they use is really high tech; they use a special xray machine and a camera so the surgeon knows just where to inject. God bless.


carrie lee - October 23

AmyLoo, what did you have facet injections for and which discs? They are going to put me completely out no Versed lol!


Amyloo - October 23

Hi Carrie Lee, I have cervical facet syndrome, in addition to myofacial pain syndrome, cronic cervical strain and fibro. (Oh, and don't forget to throw the bi-polar into the mix. Wanna come stay at my house for a week? Ha ha.) So they tried the injections at the c-5 and c-6 discs, I believe. (It has been a few years.) They also put me out but gave me the versed before hand so I wouldn't care. (They could have pushed me naked down the street on the gurney for all I know.) It was over really fast, and I have never been treated so well. Very caring. There are also cases where people get relief for months, years, or sometimes completely. Just know your surgeon's reputation and history, and I am sure you will be fine. God bless you, I will pray for you. Amy


TERESA - October 24

Carrie Lee, How did your injections go?


carrie lee - October 25

Thanks for asking Theresa. It's the morning after and I am really sore, I wont know if they did any good for three or four days. Doc said today would be the worst for pain from the injections, keep your fingers crossed!!!


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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