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Eyes hurt when moving
7 Replies
koopie33 - May 17

Does anyone have sore eyeballs when moved, came on with the tension headache about 3 weeks ago, I was wondering if they are related?


JJ1 - May 17

I get what I describe as a headache in my eyes" The are painful to move and sore when I blink. I wear contacts, so I have attributed this to my contacts bothering me, even though it doesn't clear up right away when I remove them. My eye-aches do seem to respond to tylenol. I never thought if they could be related to fibromyalgia, but it seems like so many seemingly unrelated aches are all a part of it.


BrandyO - May 19

My eyes hurt too. I was thinking maybe it was allergies.


BrandyO - May 21

Had my eyes checked because of the eye pain. Everything was ok but I am getting new glasses anyway. Tired of the old frames. I see my neurologist in July... need to tell her about this eye pain. It is mostly in my right eye but comes and goes. When I do get it, pain relievers don't work. Are your eyes any better koopie33???? Take care all.


Hereward - May 29

My eyes get dry. Sometimes i wake up at night and have to put lubricating drops in them. that usually eases it for awhile


JJ1 - May 29

My eyes are the opposite. They water excessively. Sometimes my kids will ask me if I am crying when I am perfectly fine and happy.


colleen steele - May 29

Hi koopie33, I have the same problem somewhat. My eyes do hurt like a nagging pressure I guess is the best way to describe it. Sometimes I get a very painful shooting pain in my head and ends in one eye or the other that only last a few seconds, but it feels like my head will explode. Then after a little while the blood vessels in my eye pop or something and my eye turns red, like a big ol blood blister that last for aroumd a week or so. It really freaks the little kids out. I haven't been to a Dr. for this yet as I can't afford it. No insurance. It is of great concern though and it scares me alot when it does happen. I had a head injury that affected my eye nerves and whatever else is in there when I was 14, I am 51 now and they told me then that it would affect me more as I get older. It was called papilodema , I am not sure about the spelling. I got it because when I fractured my skull my brain swelled and put a lot of pressure on my eyes and damaged something I guess. Anyway do get it checked out if you can.It can't hurt !..........Blessings,Colleen


JJ1 - May 29

wow, it just tears me up when people can't get medical help they need because they don't have health insurance and can't afford it. That is just wrong.



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