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eye site
7 Replies
lorieholtz - November 20

i have been having problems with my eyes now for about 10 months. i wake up and my eyes r blurry. it seems to go away a bit after i take my pain meds. but not always... but it does go away after a few hours usually. in the past several days it has stayed with me all day and never goes away. i usually can't see things on the puter. i like to play solitaire and its almost impossilbe i have to count the things on the cards. every time i've gone to my past dr it would ask if there was any visual chgs such as blurriness and i would answer yes, but once again never addressed. do any of u have this???? its so aggravating not to see properley and how do u explain this. i'm going to see an eye dr but do any of u have suggestions on what i say to him, or things to look for. today about 1:00 pm my sight became normal again (thx god) first time in bout 4days. any suggestions or comments are appreciated.


Canada17 - November 21

I have the same problem, though not to the same extent you do.

My "problems" started after I had my daughter. When I started working I needed to get glasses because I was having such terrible headaches all the time. I couldn't focus on the computer screen, and trying to read black text on white paper was disorienting. The glasses helped big time.

I only need them for reading though and I find that when I am driving at night, my sight is often blurry. I think that's due to fatigue from a day of using them. I have a harder time in the rain at night...don't like it at all. Just one more reason for me to loathe the rain...

I have always had extremely sensitive eyes. My husband has always made fun of me for it - even before being diagnosed with FMS. I cannot see in the sunlight without sunglasses, can't even open my eyes most times. I always feel like there is something in them, and there usually is. A little fuzz, an eyelash, one tiny little fleck of eye's a little ridiculous!

I've read quite a lot of information about FM affecting your eyesight; it seems to be a common complaint from us. Talk to your eye doctor about it, they'll be able to do a pressure test to make sure there isn't anything going on with your eyes. And they can test your vision to see if maybe glasses would help you see better. I think the main cause for our problems is fatigue; this is common for all muscles in FM patients. Glasses would help you focus which would reduce your fatigue and thus the blurriness - assuming fatigue is the culprit.

: )


Canada17 - November 21

And another thing to note that if you are given glasses to wear, they could cause headaches if they aren't fitted properly. They can create pressure on the TrPs in your face. Contact lenses can also be problematic for people with FMS as we often suffer from dry eyes as well.


Noca - November 21

I got 20/15 vision in daylight, I just have trouble seeing at night lately.


ptalana - November 22

Hey lorie, how's everything been going lately?
I can totally relate to the eyesight problems, my eyes are extremely blurry all the time it's like looking thru milky water, lovely!!!! Also they water like crazy when I've been reading or am on the computer longer than an hour, what a bummer:(
I do use eyedrops but after six months their efficiency is sorely lacking. I guess it's time to go back to the optometrist.
Hope you have a super weekend lorie, see ya soon lol;) Patty


DeeAnnaN - November 22

As I commented to another person on here, I have the same thing. Unexplained blurred, and double vision that can last an hour, or several days. Mine began in the spring of 2006. It was rare back then. Now its all the time. I have been through every test possible, including an MRI, only to find everything is normal. Now they want me to go to a NeuroPhyschologist, and I'm feeling as if they think I am making it up, or that I'm a hypochondriac or something. I wish I could go to a doctor that specialized in FM alone.


Fantod - November 23

Lori - Eye problems are very common for people with FMS. As we age, the eye loses it elasticity which is called presbyopia. We lose the ability to focus quickly thus the need for bifocals etc.

Go into your control panel on the your computer. You should find some options for handicapped people which will allow you to enlarge the cursor and make things easier to read.

Some of your problem may be directly related to the medication you take. There are so many "perks" to this syndrome it gets downright annoying. I would simply tell the doctor that you have Fibromyalgia and that people with FMS routinely have vision problems. Ask him to look for any indicaiton of dry eye disease, accomodative spasm or a binocular dysfunction. Bring a list of your medication with you so he can reveiw what you take to see if that might be part of the problem. Take care.


lorieholtz - November 24

first let me say ty for the great response. i do wear glasses and have bifocals as well. it seems that when my pain level it up this effects my site. if i get my pain level under control them my site returns. its so annoying latley. i went 3 days with no site for anything close up. i dont know exactly how to explain it all but i have found that it has alot to do where my pain level is at. how does fms effect this what does it do to us to make our eyes do this. i had this when i was not on any meds at all accept for bp med and prilosec. you see i went for 1 and half yrs with no pain meds and at all and then about the first of the year it got out of control and i could no longer take it without meds. i was saddened to have to go back to these types of meds only because i am so sensative to all of these types.
ty once again.. you all are so great and comforting



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