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Eye Sight and feet hurting
5 Replies
Karkel - April 17

The last week my eyesight has gotton BAD...eveything gets real blurry.....and today went shopping with my daughter for like 3 hours and now my feet hurt really bad....and I was wearing tennis shoes.....I was wondering if its my FM or if the eye problems are coming from taking vicodin....I take like 1/2 a pill a day to my feet hurt.....


January - April 18

About the Vicodin causing blurry vision - 1/2 pill doesn't sound like a lot. But I checked the drugs (dot) com website, and they list "blurred vision" under "severe side effects" for this drug. Don't know if you have been taking this for a while or just started this week, but you should probably ask your doctor about it. Maybe something else you are taking is interacting with it, and causing an unusual side effect. So…. looks like the blurry vision COULD be the Vicodin.


ccc - April 18

I'm in the same boat! My eyesight has been blurry for about two weeks. I even went to see an Opthomologist and he gave me new glasses. I spent $500.00 of new glasses/sunglasses and my eyes are still blurry.
I am hoping it goes away soon. I have had multiple pains, etc that usually last about 2-3 weeks at a time and then the pain goes somewhere else. Hopefully that is the case because blurry vision is really scary! I hope you feel better!


Cher0208 - April 18

Blurry vision is one of my most annoying symptoms. It began approximately one year before I started having symptoms of Fibromyalgia (pain that slowly spread to my whole body). I went to two eye doctor's and got new glasses which kind of help but sometimes make it worse. I was afraid that the blurry vision indicated either MS, Lupus or Sjogrens. A Rheumatologist and Neurologist has ruled all of those out. Blurry vision is a symptoms of Fibromyalgia that as far as I see isn't too common. For me it comes and goes. And seems to come on after I eat things I know I shouldn't have like processed/refined foods, anything containing high fructose corn syrup or sugar, ALCOHOL big time. After I drink I can be sure that my eyes will be very blurry the next day or two. Basically it happens during a flare up. I am not on any medication but apparently it could be the Vicodin for you.

See what your doctor says, but don't worry. You're definitely not alone with this scary symptom.


Fantod - April 18

This is information which I copied from the "Associated Conditions" on this website.

When a person develops FMS, usually harmless objects can produce pain and sensitivity.

However symptoms are not homogenous and they can range from mild to severe.

FMS sufferers can for example develop sensitivity to stimuli such as fluorescent lights or to the light produced by a television set.

Contact lenses can cause pain and irritation, while wearing glasses can trigger mysofacial trigger points (TrPs) in the face and the neck. Pain can also be experienced in the ears, teeth and nose.

FMS can also lead to the production of a thick secretion, which subsequently impacts vision.

Night driving can be dangerous for those with FMS, as they often have trouble seeing the lights of oncoming cars.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is another complication associated with Fibromyalgia. People with SAD need light to ward off depression, which is another common symptom of FMS.

Sicca syndrome, which leads to irritation dryness in the eyes as well as the mouth and nose, also affects vision and can make the wearing of contacts uncomfortable.

Other symptoms of FMS-related vision problems include postural dizziness, blurred or double vision, and vertigo. FMS can also result in impaired eye-hand coordination.

Beta-carotene (an anti-oxidant and precursor to vitamin A) can be very helpful in treating light sensitivity produced by FMS.

Eye exercises are also be helpful in determining whether your vision problems are a result of FMS. Put one hand on your head above your forehead; then attempt to look at your hand. Pain indicates that your TrPs are especially sensitive. Then, continuing to look up at your hand, look out from the upper corner of each eye separately.

Medications are also usually prescribed to treat eyesight complications; guaifenesin (which liquefies mucus) is a uricosuric drug that helps the treatment of FMS because it helps expel uric acid from the body.


January - April 18

AND… one of the symptoms of porphyria is… BLURRY VISION. Please see the related posts on this! Maybe porphyria is not all that rare. Or maybe it is rare. But - its symptoms overlap somewhat with fibro symptoms -- so maybe among the fibro community, there are more of us who really do have porphyria than in the general public.

Thank you Cher for raising awareness on this!



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