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Eye Pain?
6 Replies
jacobea - February 22

I was diagnosed with fibro in January, and have a fair few of the symptoms. I also have gotten eye pain before now, although only in my left eye, and am fairly sure that is not a migraine. The pain is more like a dull ache and feels swollen (but does not look it) and when i bend down, it feels pressurised from behind and throbs a bit afterwards. Also, today at least, the pain is spreading down into my cheekbone, causing that to ache as well. I wear glasses, but even when i take 'em off for a long time, the pain does not go away all day. Is this a fibro sort of thing, or something else?


llcsmom - February 22

Wow! My 11 year old with fibro told me she is experiencing almost exactly the same thing today. She is going through a major flare up with pain almost everywhere. Each time she gets a 1-2 week flare, she gets the eye pain. Her dr. says it is the muscles behind the eyes that are the location of the pain--remember FM affects the soft tissues--tendons, muscles, etc. But today is the first time that she mentioned the pain radiating down to the cheek and jaw area. So, yes, I believe this is a FM thing unfortunately!


jbrower1 - February 22

I just returned from my eyedoctor this morning,and I have the same problems.Eye pain,redness,swelling and vision changes. He told me my eye changes were because of my fibro. I was really suprised and had no idea that this disease caused eye problems too. Hope this helps.


doll1966 - February 29

How strange, since my latest flare, I too have eye pain, redness, blurriness, and head pain on the left side. The last time I had this was three years ago, went to an eye dr. who said it was optic neuritis, and may be associated with ms, so he sent me for a brain mri which came back normal. I will definitely mention this to the new rheumo I'm seeing next week.


Amyloo - March 4

Eye pain is a very big sign/symptom with Multiple Sclerosis, although I am not suggesting that it is the only cause. Fibro and MS are VERY similar in so many ways. (I have both.) If it were me, I would not mess around where my eyes were concerned. If you can, see a neurologist. Doll1966, if you have already had optic neuritis I would try and get another MRI. Brain lesions don't always show up right away. I'm not trying to be an alarmist.


colleen steele - March 6

Hi Jacobea, I have eye pain too. Sometimes I get this shooting pain and then my eye vessels pop I guess and my eye gets blood red which takes about a week for it to go away. Anyway my eye Dr. said I had some presser and swelling of the optic nerve. That my eyes were dry.He also said it could be the fibro,he also said it is symptoms of glaucoma.I have clogged pores in the retina which I guess has something to do with providing the fluid you are supposed to produce.I always knew something was wrong but haven't been to eye dr. in 10 years. I never expected all that.I have to see a head dr. for the the shooting pain stuff.Well thats just me ,but I think an eye dr. visit couldn't hurt. I know how you feel,it is the most aggravating pain ever.Good luck to you......Sincerly,Colleen


jacobea - March 9

The neurologist was unconcerned when i mentioned it to him, as did the rhuematologist. I guess it is prolly a fibro thing with me, although incredibly irritating when i get it. The sides of my head hurt too, even without the eye pain sometimes, but i suppose that is fibro for you.



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