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extreme weight gain
4 Replies
sharie l plewa - August 6

has anyone had a lot of weight gain. i am 43 and have been about 110 my whole life. i was sedate 2 years ago for 12 weeks after a hysto and didnt gain, i was at 110 as early as late april. i now weigh 140 and it is all in my upper stomach. i wouldnt worry if the weight was all over but my arms, legs etc are the same size they have always been. thanks sharie


Jennifer - July 29

I gained a lot of weight but I was told it was from the medications I have been on for the fibro. I maintained the same weight for about 3 years (still too high to want to admit :-P ) but once I was diagnosed and put on meds, about six months after that I suddenly gained 10 pounds and now at this point, almost a year later, I've gained almost 40 total. I'm not happy about it at all, and the bulk of my weight gain has been in my stomach too, but I think that's just because of how I'm built. Hope this answer could help you some.


Carrie - August 3

I have yet to have a definitive diagnosis of fibro however after an accident in january and a diagnosis of chronic myofascial syndrome and my own personal pharmacy of drygs that have not worked I have gained a whopping 45 pounds. I am going to a physiatrist today and hope to get more explanation. Nothing I have tried to get hte weight off has worked, but my inability to maintain any kind of activity level surely plays a role. I know how you feel going from a size 3 to a 12 has been devestating for me. I'll let you know if the doc has any answers. Hope today iis a good day for you.


Kim - August 6

I also gained nearly 40lbs after coming down with Fibro. It made me extremely depressed since I had worked so hard to lose almost 70lbs prior to becoming ill. I did find an article that helped ease that pain a little. It tells of how people can gain an average of 35lb with fibro. Here's the link
the way my weight gain was also only my stomach but then again that's where it always is!


wessler - August 6

try herbal magic, you have to hit the can a lot but it really does work!



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