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Ok, I had been asking my doc forever to keep me at the 30mg Morphine sulfate time released meds and just give me something like vics or percs for breakthru pain.
Well, I had to go to the doc last week. I couldn't handle the pain anymore.
Instead of giving me some break thru meds, he upped my Morphine to 60 mg twice a day.
I waited for the weekend to start this. Well, I am soo tired... It goes back and forth with helping with pain to. Sometimes it works good. Other times, I am just super crazy feeling and the pain is still there.

It doesn't make sense that the doc wouldn't give me something for break thru instead of increasing the heavier med. He did state he doesn't believe in short acting narcotics. Not sure why.

Is anyone else on Extended release Morphine or more STRONG meds? Do they may you feel loopy and tired? Guess it is better than the pain.

Any comments are appreciated ;)


Noca - October 21

I am on the equivalent of 200+ mg of Morphine a day. I used to be uber tired but now I've gotten tolerant to the sedative effects of the drugs. I used to sleep 15-16 hours a day, now i sleep about 11-12 hours a day on average :)

Oh and my pain is mostly controlled all day long with my Fentanyl 75mcg/h patch.



Wow, I didn't know you could take that much Morphine.. Good to hear that and your Fentanyl is helping you. I still do not understand why my doc thinks just one pain medication will help me. But whatever. I did NOT want to go up on the Morphine. But I DO want to have as least amount of pain as possible. I am willing to do anything right now!

Noca, How have you been feeling?


Noca - October 21

Doctors don't like to give out short acting meds cause they think you are gonna abuse them, as well as other reasons that take too long to describe.

I am doing okay JC. I talked to my therapist and professor so a LOT of stress has been lifted off my shoulders. I'll be ontrack by the end of the week :)

I saw my new psych nurse whos gonna follow me today. I talked with her for a good hour and a half, for free of course lol. She works for a psychiatrist who's currently on leave but will be back in November to see me :)

Have a nice day,




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