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extreme nausia,pain in left abdomin going into left rib
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ptalana - July 1

Hi all, I have been experiencing extreme abdominal pain in my left side travelling thru my left rib. It seems to start with extreme nausia, and then I will double over with cramping. I have been diagnosed with fms for the last five months. I also suffered a spinal injury three years ago which started the downward spiral which has finally landed me with fms. My mobility has been slowly deteriorating, my ankles and feet can no longer support me. I am scared that I will be permanently in a wheelchair as opposed to part-time which is what I use when we leave the house, I use a walker at home. I have also noticed that my hands are worsening, extreme pain, dropping things (we're running out of glasses). Has anyone else noticed these symptoms? I am especially concerned with the abdominal pain. Thanks for listening to me ramble on.
Take care everyone,


RavenFax - July 2


Seek medical attention right away. The symptoms you describe can be fibro but may also be other things more serious. As for mobility I too am declining. Over the last year its been a quick decent. I am not yet in a wheel chair or walker but see one coming in my future. We only have plastic cups here now. (5 yr old son helps me go through glass more quickly lol). Again please seek medical attention right away. Keep us posted



tnichel - July 2

OMG! The title of your post it the exact description of my symptoms that started in January. It landed me in the urgent care. I ended up getting an upper gi, a sonogram, a colonoscopy and a small bowel follow thru. All turned up nothing except mild gastroenterititus. My surgeon tested for celiac's and crohn's...nothing. He determined my IBS symptoms had changed and were getting worse. I go back to see him in 3 months. I ended up on a soup diet for 2 months straight. I was so scared to eat anything b/c of the pain.

My docs put me on bentyl twice a day, welchol before each meal to control the diarrhea, and some nausea pills but bentyl helps with that as well. I cut out wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, grease, pork and beef products. I began eating mostly fruit and vegetables. Once the nausea settled down I started to eat wheat and dairy products again but in small quantities. I still stay away from grease, pork and beef and caffeinated sodas. Caffeine causes the digestive system to work faster thus causing the diarrhea and stomach cramps. A lot of sugar also wreaks havoc on my system.

With IBS and fibro, it gets to a point where you can'tut in your body what you ate when you were 21. We all know it happens but it's comes sooner with fibro. You have to have a healthy diet filled with fresh foods, fruit and vegetables. And don't forget the vitamins to get what you missing in your diet. But PLEASE go see a doctor now as you situation my not be the same as mine.

Did you have your gall bladder removed? My research also found that many other who had theirs removed oftern have pain in the same area.

As far as your other systems, it sounds like you're going through a bad flare right now. Hang in there. Also, ask your doctor about tramadol for the abdominal pain and for when you're in a flare. I have not doubt worry over your health issues is only making your sympstoms worse so relax and know you have supports here. Good luck and fibro hugs! And please forgive and spelling mishaps. I'm in a flare myself. ;)


ptalana - July 20

Hi guys,
I just saw my gastro specialist, she has booked a colonscopy Aug 25. She believes I may have diverticulitis, and is concerned that I may have perforations in my bowel. She has told me if this is the case she may have to take action immediately.
I have always been very careful with my diet, I am border line celiac so wheat, yeast, glutten are not part of my diet. I rarely eat red meat, mainly chicken and fish. I am also lactose intolerant so dairy other than a little lactose free skim milk for my raisin bran is all I take in. I eat plenty of fruit daily, probably not as many veggies as I should.
I am worried about the outcome of my surgery, I don't welcome having to use a bag!!!! It's already hard enough to feel sexy with my walker and wheelchair!!!! While I have a super husband, I know this has effected the way my husband sees me, he used to be so proud of me and took every opportunity to show me off!!! Now I spend most of my days on the couch in extreme pain!!!! Many thanks for all your advice, it's great to be able to talk with others who are feeling the same things!!! I have lost all my friends, and I don't want to burden my family with my concerns (I don't want them to get tired of me also)!!!
Take care,


izabelld - August 26

Hi Patty,

Have you had the colonoscopy yesterday? I hope it went well.

I have had upper abdominal pain in the same location for about two months now. It radiates into my chest, shoulder blades, upper arm and lower back, all on the left side. I also have bloating. I went to see a gastroenterologist last week and he told me I have an irritable bowel. I had no abdominal/digestive problems in my life before this started two months ago. It worries me that it is always in the same spot and I have been thinking that it might be diverticulitis.

Please let me know what was the outcome of your colonoscopy.

Take care,


Kerrie - August 26

I have had awful upper abdomen pain for one year now. I have also had some blood in my stools, this all started 6 weeks after having my daughter via caserean.

I have had endoscopy, colonoscopy, barium xray, CT scan and all show nothing. Next up is an endoscopy capsule which I am not looking forward to.

I spoke to my Rhuematologist about the upper abdomen pain but he said this is not a fibromyalgia sign and ofcourse the gastroeneterologist puts it do fibro!

Does anyone else suffer with upper abdomen pain with their fibro? My osteopath mentioned my diapghragm was very tight and this may be causing it?


ptalana - August 27

Hi Izabell,
I did undergo my colonoscopy yesterday, it was unsuccessful she was unable to get the scope into the intestines. Next procedure will be the Barium x-ray, but I will wait a little while for this as the prep for this procedure is not pleasant.
Isn't it great how one doctor says it's related to fms and the other disagrees, how are we supposed to know when something is an actual emergency????? Has your gastro given you any advice on diet or medications for these lousy symptoms???
Thanks for your concern Izabell, and I hope you are feeling o.k today.
Take care,


txplowgirl - August 28

To Tnichel,
I noticed that you were tested for Celiac. I take it the test was negative? There are times you can get a false negative. It happens alot. Have you tried going gluten free anyway? There are a lot of people who are gluten sensitive and don't know it even though they test negative for Celiac. Just a thought. I tested negative but went gluten free anyway and it has made a ton of difference. Pain levels are down a lot and tummy troubles have disapeared. The best thing is I have lost a lot of weight without even trying.


tnichel - August 28

txplowgirl, lucky you to actually lose weight. I haven't dropped any pounds which is just odd. But yes I have been tested for celiac's and chrohn's. Both were negative. My doc said you can also have chrohn's in just one part of the intestines and it may not show up on test.

I have tried to cut out all grease, fat and sugar. I seem to do better eating no bread and dairy products. I tried to go gluten free but I'm the world's pickiest eater and it basically left few choses.

If you know of a nutrition guide or good articles on going guten free please let me know. Nutrition is not my strong point which I think is why I feel so lost trying to form a better diet. But I'm working on it and am willing to try anything to feel better. Thanks for asking and your suggestions. I'm living off of pop tarts, pretzels and ginger ale.


pfiinch - September 5

Patlana /I hope your Dr. told you not to eat seeds or nuts.I was in the hospital with diverticulitis.not good .I noticed that my right side of stomache was swollen and didn't feel the pain that comes from it.So I didn't take my pain med in the a.m. and found extreme pain.Went to hospital and was put in for 6 days.When you least exspect them to put you the hospital BAM there you are.Please really you can eat veg and fruit just de-seed them my tomatoes I cut length down and eat without seed no nuts no matter what.
You will learn how to get the seeds out and still enjoy you fruits andd veg.Cucumber seeds are suppose to be okay.They say. I still avoid them.
Take this very serious for the pockects that are in you intestine will catch the seed and you will get infection that could put you with a crap bag forever or they could cause a leak and kill you.
You sound like the Dr. didn't give you much info on this.Please take this to heart and you will do fine.NO SEEDS NO NUTS.FOREVER TO BE SAFE!!!!Research on internet.



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