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extreme fatigue
7 Replies
canadacalling - March 28

Do any of you folks suffer from extreme fatigue? It seems as I am tired before bed (like now), and then when I get into bed, I cannot fall asleep quickly or soundly. I have a sleep CPAP mask, but cannot wear it when I hurt from the fbro --hence I am very weary and tired. Have just been told I have low iron, so started some iron pills.Comments please


Noca - March 28

I am constantly exhausted. It takes a lot for me to fall asleep at night while in the morning my body wants to sleep in.

I just got some Trazodone for my sleep. I was able to fall asleep last night without Xanax, but then I had an 18 hour day.

I have had low iron in the past but my last blood test showed me in the healthy range. Iron supplements made me very sick whenever I tried to take them. They should be scheduled as they can make someone very sick.


canadacalling - March 28

Noca, what do you mean by iron pills being scheduled? Maybe the sicky feeling is from it.

What other could I try, or should I ask for an injection? Gee the more I write about it, it would make more sense to get an injection.


Noca - March 28

Try drinking vitamin/mineral rich milkshakes daily. Iron pills are just too much iron at once for most people to handle.


Noca - March 28

oh and Scheduled means its a restricted drug, or at least only attainable via prescription.


STAYLOR875 - March 30

I was so nauseated and sick from iron and then I switched to the Slow FE and it has been great. They are slow release so you don't get it all at once. I bought mine from but they probably sell them locally. I hope it helps.


Fantod - March 30

Have you tried other CPAP masks to see if you can find one that is more comfortable? Sleep is a crucial part of managing Fibromyalgia. No deep sleep means higher levels of pain as your muscles require deep sleep to repair themselves from the days activities.

I have bouts of extreme faigue fairly often. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to it. I just let it run its course and try not to worry about it. Take care.


Sonja44 - March 31

I have trouble (due to my CFIDS/FM) with LOW blood pressure...low enough to cause negative symptoms like extreme exhaustion.

On a bad day, I don't have the energy, literally, to lift my head off the pillow. My lowest recorded BP was 78 over 46. Ya know the movie "Princess Bride?" I feel "mostly dead" on those days.

Anyway, something to check.



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