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Extreme Burning Body Pain And Fibromyalgia
82 Replies
VeryTiredPanda - January 17

I do have a burning sensation that at times it hurts so badly that I can't even stand to be touched or to wear cloths that rub against my skin. I wish I could help you out with what causes it but seems like it's simply the nature of the beast. I am new to this wild ride of FM but will continue to read everything I can get my hands on and if I run across and answer as to why this happens I will certainly come right back here and let you know. It's much easier when we know why rather than it's the way it is!
Take care and know you are not alone,


1woodview - November 29


I have just got up and have not slept for two days as for months I have had severe burning in my stomach radiating into my skin, last night was totally unbearable and still is now. I am stiff as a board too especially evening and mornings and have no energy, everything hurts. The burning is just as you described like sunburn in the inside as though heat is radiating out from inside. What can take this away, I cannot bare it. Tried nerofen etc nothing works. Can anyone help at all or are there any others out there with this, I have not been diagnosed woth Fibromyalgia yet, but I know I have it.
Thanks, Maxine


1woodview - November 29

Deborah, after posting my reply to your post on burning body I read down the other replies, and OMG it has turned into a joke I totally agree. This Judy needs to stay well away and leave the rest of us to get on with what this site is really for and that is NOT promoting JUICE or ARGUING about whether or not it works, please I am in pain and just want to talk to others not hear all this rubblish. Thanks Deborah, please chat me back. Maxine


jrzgirl1 - November 29

YES, and it is horrible, nobody understands what they cannot se, I have had this burning for over 6 months and it seems to get worse, do you sweat alot with it, my husband thinks I am crazy and STRESS makes it so much worse


dg505 - January 18

I read most of the threads for this conversation and would like to add a comment about the Monavie. (I apologize for butting in) I don't know if it would help for the FM or not, but my wife drinks the Monavie Active and if she DOESN'T, her joints ache badly. I do not believe that she has FM but whatever her condition is, she won't be without the juice. I think that anyone with FM should be willing to give it a try. From what I read about FM, different people respond to differnt treatments. It may or may not help, but it is a very good product and seems to greatly reduce inflamation for many people. That being said, it seams to have little benefit for my joint pain. It is NOT a panacea and most people that sell it don't or shouldn't market it that way. I've tried many natural products over the years; most did little, but some helped different ailments notably and I'm still taking them today. Worth a one month try if you have the money to spare. 5HTP is also reported to possibly help some people with FM. Very inexpensive. Remember also it is not just a matter of whether you can save a few $$ or spend a few more, if a supplement or food product is making you feel better it is probably doing REALLY GOOD things for your overall health. The Rxs are great, but generally only treat symptoms.


genie - May 13

Nelson, I just couldnt believe me eyes when I read your symptoms. Ive been having the same problems now for four years and it is getting more intense. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and I have so many symptoms and after making a list of them distressed the hell out of me as I am 47 years old going on 97!

I dont use any medication because I am aware that long term use will cause dependency. Therefore I use medicated rubs, hot baths, lots of sleep and sometimes tears to cope with these burning sensations, fatigue and upper arm weakness.

One of my concerns at present is that if I have deterioated so rapidly over four years what does that next four have in store for me!

Sorry to be a moan - your not alone!:O)

Regards - Genie


cowboy - May 26

Debra, I feel just like you. I've had full-body RSD and fibromyalgia for 8 years. I've been disabled for the past seven years and just recently won my long battle with my disability insurance company. I can tell you though to hang in there. There is hope. I've tried tens of treatments, spent thousands of dollars, and literally been around the world searching for help. I've been to the Mayo Clinic, to New York, Philly, and Germany. Little has worked, but what has helped includes Lyrica (reduced burning), Amantadine (though stomach issues caused me to stop taking it), oxygen therapy (gives me a little energy), savella (also had to stop taking due to increased anxiousness), Lunesta (helps me sleep), and a wonderful husband. What also helps is having a neurologist that understands the disease. You may wish to look into Dr. Robert Schwartzman in Philadelphia. Though his treatments, such as the ketamine coma, can be radical and expensive, and frankly didn't work for me, I know they have worked for some. He is at least very knowledgeable. On the other hand, as you are searching for answers, I recommend remaining highly skeptical and doing your research (such as avoiding schemes like the juice pyramid deal). Like I've said, I've spent thousands, but never more than my family could handle and never without knowing just what the risks were and what the credentials and motivations of the people involved were.



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