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Extreme Burning Body Pain And Fibromyalgia
82 Replies
JJ - June 21

As far as "burning", no. Just my toe. It is always there, but really only annoying when I am laying down when it seems to throb and burn at the same time. I also tend to feel it more when I don't have any other pain going on at the same time. Seems so inconsequential compared to the pain you feel. For the last two days I have such a pain in my neck, one hand, and my calves that I hardly notice the toe burning. Man, I sould like a mess and I feel like I am doing pretty well compared to a lot of people.


colleen - July 22

HI Debra...When I told my dr. that my skin hurts and the water in the shower hurts my skin,he said don't stop taking showers but to let it hit my body as hot as I can stand it,he said it will act like a massage.When I looked at it that way I relized he was right and now I stay in a hot shower longer than I used to.I do feel better afterwards at least for a little while.Try it and I hope it helps you also.Good Luck


experienced - January 5

Hi all, I have had RSD for 5 years now and it is full body. I have been found 100% disabled by social security and workmans comp ( it started from an injury from work) Social security took 6 months. I have a couple of suggestions for you. Warm water pool therapy helps all the pains.. burning aching etc. I do take different meds that help too. Baclofen ( a mild muscle relaxer) helps with burning as well as gabitrin ( a neurontin type med) this also helps with that horrible ache. I recently learn that hyperbaric chamber therapy should help. I started treatments and am noticing a difference. Research this on the net it can help many things from fibro to rsd and more off label things. To add one more thing...For x-mas my sister sent me some of that monive juice. Every one will react different to everything. Some may even be allergic. I did notice that I have more energy and sleep better. The pain is decreasing but it may be from the hyperbaric treatments. Hard to tell when you do both together. The best part of the juice is that my severe constipation from the oxycontin is gone. giggle. Hallilujah!!!! I too think that the juice is watered down so I went to wild oats and got the straight acai powder. Much more concentrated and should work the same. I am adding my own glucosomine and anti inflams like zyflamed ( miracle stuff) I have heard from many friends that they feel better just on the monivie. You never can judge untill you try something for yourself. I am sorry that there are so many of you that feel poorly. Hang in there and don't stop moving your bodies in some way. You will just get wose if you do. Gentle movement is best. I've been through a lot and am happy to answer any questions that I have experience with. Take care and don't give up hope.


BrandyO - January 6

Hi Debra,
I have burning mostly in my feet but was told I have neuropathy. In the evenings I sometimes feel the burning in my hands too. Figured it was the same neuropathy as in my feet. I do think my Zanaflex (muscle relaxer) helps tho altho I try to avoid taking the Zanaflex during the day... it makes me sleepy.
And as far as the juice, I believe it helps Judy. Why would she lie about it. Her Avon point was a good one.
We all have to remember, what helps one may not help another. All you can do is try. If you don't want to try it ...Don't. It is as simple as that. Have a great weekend everyone! Brandy


Nelson - October 12

Hi Debra,
I was so happy when I came across your complain, but I soon find out there maybe no end in finding an answer to this intense pain in our body. I visited a "pain" doctor and when I asked, "What could be the cause of the intense burning pain in my body?" She did not know. I was diagnosed with Arthritis, but this "intense burning pain" is a whole different matter! I uses the word "frustrated" in my letter to the doctor that is below; but the truth is, It would be a "pleasure" for me to be dead! Than to live with this pain without any help.
May God's mercy be upon us!

Dear Sir/Madame,
I would like to illustrate the agony of pains that I am suffering in my body. My body is afflicted with three distinct pains.
1. Burning pain
2. Fatigue pain
3. Weak muscle pain
The effects of my infirmity started late 2000-2001. Between 2004 and 2005 my infirmity has worsened and become of great concern for me. Each day my life is spent with “Intense burning pain” and at time, this pain is very frustrating! The intense burning is mostly affective around my buttock areas, down my legs and the base of my feet. The intense burning is constant, but it becomes extremely intense when sitting or standing for an hour or more.

My body is fatigued at all times, especially when I am doing anything physical.
The weak muscles are mostly in my arms, in my knees and around my hips.

In general: I feel pain from my head to the base of my feet; for example, head, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, mid/lower back, straight down the spine, hips, legs, knees and feet. (A hard or hash pain in my bones increases when lying on either side of my hips or flat on my back; I get a slight relief when lying on my side with my legs drawn to my stomach.)

Medications: I am presently taking Naproxen 500mg (twice daily,) lenoltec #4 300/60mg (two-three daily) for pain, and Omeprazole 20mg (twice daily) for the stomach. However, it has been a constant struggle to get a medication(s) that would help in keeping my pains under “control”. (My body is very receptive when taking any medications with the side effect of “weight gain”.) Naproxen makes the pain in my knees pleasantly acceptable; unfortunately, naproxen and lenoltec do VERY LITTLE for pain in other parts of my body. So my body is suffering the same intense burning pain at all times.
Based on these facts, it is clear to understand my need for immediate and intense professional help.

Thank you for the time taken to read this letter.

Yours Faithfully,


Fantod - October 13

You can buy juice with the acai berry in the grocery store for a lot less money. Go to www.purplehorror. com to read about monavie. I tried it and it did not do a darn thing. As for the burning sensation you are experiencing, are you on anything for nerve pain such as gabapentin? I would like to recommend that you see a pain specialist. I have one and he has been pretty helpful. Take care.


judy harris - December 3

Hi my name is Judy. In Aug. I went into liver and kidney failure.When I came to I started screaming I told the Dr. my body was on fire.He didn't know what I meant. He thought I was talking out of my head. My whole body felt like it was on fire and at that point in my life I asked them to let me die. I was in so much pain and he didn't understand. It has happened alot and my Dr.said he didn't know either. It could neuropathy pain or fibromyalgia. A med called Lyrica has helped and oxycodone. I'm going to see a Nero doc. I'm praying he'll be able to help me. good luck everyone


starwars - December 8



Xxinside.jokexX - December 9

yes i do get that there are daYs when i tell ppl not to touch me bcuz the softest touch makes me Hurt and my skin burns really bad when ppl touch it and at does days my body is extremly warm as if i had a fever!
is true even taking a shower hurts! :[
i told my mother and shes like "you might be broken" hahhaha :]


sarahcole - December 9

Yes! You are not alone at all. This morning I woke up with burning across my shoulders and neck and arms. Even my abdomen. I take Robaxin and it helps about 50%

Have you tried stretching? That helps me temporarily. I'm going to take a walk to get out of my apartment to see if that helps.

These symptoms could be relieved by a chiropractor. Mine told me that if my spine, esp. my neck is out of alignment, my nerves will cause this. Does that make sense?

I went through a rocky separation and divorce a year ago and was diagnosed in 05. The fibro came on becasue of all the stress. I put all of my energy into his problem and how it affected me.


jhem50 - December 31

I've not been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but believe I have it. One of my symptoms is extremely sensitive, burning, itchy skin that has blisters and tears. Clothing is sometimes excrutiating. I cant even use a blanket at night.

I'm extremely tired most of the time. Sleep of course is sometimes impossible due to the skin sensitivity.

Wish I could help you with a solution. I take hot baths and it does help.

Will continue to monitor your post to see if anything helps.

Good Luck


jacquie - January 1

I've had burning and pain in my hands especially but also in my thighs. I looked it up and its called C-fiber neuropathy. Just another of those wonderful symptoms that go along with fibro.


kiwigal - January 6

Yes I get burning in my shoulders, upper back and legs, sometimes also in the butt area. I could also chop my legs off and have begged at times for my head to be separated from my body so I don't have to experience the pain. I also get weird tingling sensations, pinpricks and hot and cold flashes. My feet and backside are always like ice even when the weather is hot and I feel hot myself. The burning pain is hard to bear - ten minutes sitting at a desk can bring it on. Take care everyone - it's so good to know I am not alone in this and am not going mad!!


rtillery - January 13

H, I also have the same burning and body aches. I have also wondered if I had lost my mind because sometimes just to have lotion put on my back the "sandpaper feeling" even from my mom (who has very soft hands) For years I wouldnt let my husband put anything on me because it hurt. I have a sensitivity to the sun now which causes my problems with my horses and walking my dogs. Its when my feet hurt like this is when the rip them off feeling is. My saying this to you is only because you need to know you are not alone.
As for the Monavie juice. Tried it for almost a year this past one and I am glad it helped the other lady but unless you have the money forget it. We did make money off of others we had to join with us. I am sorry for busting the bubble on this juice. It does work for others i imagine. But not me. After the first few months it seemed to be as other drugs etc I have tried in the 10 years I have been diagnosed with fibro.I am currently fighting with a new treatment of a drug called Suboxone which I have only heard of it as a methadone type treatment for opiete addiction. Which I do not have because of other health problems that some drugs cause massive reactions. Just for the record I have managed a doctors office in two states for over 15 yrs. The only meaning for this is that I have had access to many treatments for fibro and have found very little help. God is my only strength most of the times. I could wright a book on my fibro experiences but I will quit now. I am constently looking for another way and maybe one day we will all find it. It is just so awsome to know that others feel my pain not that you suffer from it but I an not crazy.


LMarie - January 17

I would like to comment on this discussion about MonaVie, in defense of Judy, who I know is only trying to help. I, too have horrible fibromyalgia pain. About a month ago, I started on the MonaVie also. I was literally crippled in the mornings with stiffness and pain. Within just approximately a week, I was noticing I could get out of bed without a pain pill, and the body pain is getting better and better with continued use. I, too, distribute this product, but mainly to pay for my own, and to help others. People are so down on distributorships, thinking we're dishonest, and so on, but this TRULY did help my fibromyalgia symptoms, and I'm on FAR less medication now. I believe it will continue to improve. I'm not trying to 'sell' this stuff, I'd say contact Judy if you're interested, because she was bold enough to present it to you. THAT ALONE should show you that we are not being dishonest has truly helped us. I just felt bad, seeing how she's trying to help people, and knowing she REALLY IS being honest about it, as I experience the same things. And I'm NOT trying to take business, this is HER forum and she brought it I'm hoping you can see from that, that without ANY prospect of gaining from this, I'm telling you the TRUTH...AND SO IS JUDY! It's expensive, yes, but it's WELL worth it for the better health I have experienced. Bravo to you Judy, for bringing it up. I know personally from experience with this company, that you are only trying to help people. I love MonaVie! I DISLIKE distributorships, but this really is different, it really is. Take care and God bless. I realize this is a VERY old topic (looks like 2006?), and just happened across it.


VeryTiredPanda - January 17

I do have a burning sensation that at times it hurts so badly that I can't even stand to be touched or to wear cloths that rub against my skin. I wish I could help you out with what causes it but seems like it's simply the nature of the beast. I am new to this wild ride of FM but will continue to read everything I can get my hands on and if I run across and answer as to why this happens I will certainly come right back here and let you know. It's much easier when we know why rather than it's the way it is!
Take care and know you are not alone,



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