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Extreme Burning Body Pain And Fibromyalgia
82 Replies
Judy - June 10

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys I kind of feel scared to drink this juice now. I feel so let down. I guess after suffering for so long and drinking this stuff I really really did and do feel better. I sleep through the night with out sleeping pills, I have had No Asthma attacks since I have been on it. I dont have to take my pain meds or my heart burn meds I feel better then I have felt in years. But after reading all this I am not sure what I should do now.. I have read all the side affects of all my other medications that i was taking and that too is scarry. I guess I fell for all the scams of this and really thought this was a good thing. Nothing I have taken from any of my doctors has helped at all with my pain..I survived cancer but my 5 years are not up yet and I have some cyst on my Overies Multi Cyst which my Cancer Doctor says is not good. I cant have surgery due to Prev Complications So they are watching it closely at Moffit cancer center. If I have the surgery I could die on the table high Risk if I dont I have high Risk of it being Cancer.. I was so hoping that if the Monavie has helped me so much with my other health problems that when I went back for my next scans in August the stuff on my Overies would be gone or almost gone..I will talk to my Cancer Doctor and heart doctor about this juice to tell you all the truth I have not even asked my Doc's about it.. I just believed in it and it worked.. thank you all for your advice.. I just wanted to help others the way I thought I was being helped..


AKFlyfisher - June 10

Beware of the snake oil peddlers!!! None of that stuff works.... another to watch our for is Nonnoie water or juice from the pacific. spelling?? they sell it online and at Costco club and they claim the same "healing powers". Most of this is a scam to get your money.


Surprised - June 12

My dr put me on meds for restless leg symdrome. They worked for all of 5 days so I quit drinking it. The jerking, burning, etc has calmed down on its own. It's like a wave that affects different nerve endings of my body at different times.
After reading personal experiences with Monavie, can anyone out there give me any personal input about Reliv? This is the horrifically expensive shake $120 a can (vs. the $45 a bottle) that claims to detoxify and heal the system. Fellow sufferers of different diseases claim that they also went thru detox periods of headaches, vomiting, etc until their bodies cleared of toxins. Any input would be fine as I've not met anyone who's taken this supplement. Thanks


Advice - June 12

If you are in such bad shape that you are willing to accept potential consequences of an untested, unvalidated "remedy" go for it. Me? I think I will wait for those clinical trials.


Surprised - June 12

Even FDA approved drugs have long term affects. The makers of Nuerontin have many law suits against them b/c of side effects and now comes Lyrica after it. Everything's a gamble. What one of us with FMS reacts well to another will not.


JJ - June 12

I hope I don't sound rude or unsympathetic, but I kinda have to agree with proceeding with caution on untested remedies. All meds do indeed have risks and side effects, but when they have been tested and approved by the FDA, we know what the benefits and the risks are. With untested remedies, we have nothing concrete to go on.


Surprised - June 12

I agree re FDA approved drugs JJ. Do you not take any natural supplements such as vitamins at all then?


Judy - June 13

Well I have decided to take my chance's with the Monavie I didnt drink it Sunday and Monday and I sure can tell the difference I just dont want to live with all the pain so I am going to go back on it tomorrow I guess I will just have to see what happens I havent had any side affects since I have been on it at all I am sure everyone will react diff. It is working for me so I will keep drinking it. I will ask my Doctor about it at Moffitt cancer center when I go for my scans they are testing it right now for cancer So I will keep you updated if I start having problems I will post it. Thank you guys for all your advice..


JJ - June 13

Doctors do recommend that people take vitamins (especially if they are not eating properly) and the recommended daily values are those that years of studies have shown are needed.

Personally, I am not very good about remembering to take vitamins and I generally have a well balanced diet, so it hasn't been a big concern with me. I have on occasion taken extra doses of Vitamin C during the cold season -- this has been well studied and it is known that since Vitamin C is water soluble, it passes through your system and does not cause problems when taking extra dosages. I also must get IV injections of iron from a hematologist because my body is not absorbing iron from food or pills. There are known potential side affects of getting this injection, but it has been studied and I knew what those risks were before I started.


JJ - June 13

Judy, I am sorry that you felt you needed to stop taking the monavie juice. You need to do what you think is best for you. I hope you are also seeing a doctor regularly for your illnesses and getting routine blood work done.

After reading the literature on this juice, I am having trouble understanding how drinking a juice, which may very well be good for you due to antioxidants, can cause such immediate change in symptoms. I can see that there would be long term benefits for antioxidants, but immediate results don't seem likely. Are you taking the "Active" monavie juice? It has glucosamine added to it which is well known and studied for help with joint pains and arthritis. If you are taking the Active monavie, that could explain why you would feel differently so suddenly upon taking it and when you stopped taking it. Since it sounds like cost is important to you, you may want to try taking glucosamine on its own just to test whether that is what is helping you I would think that glucosamine would be much less costly than the juice.


JJ - June 13


One more thing. I wanted to let you know that I am not promoting the use of glucosamine for your symptoms. I am just suggesting that it could be the ingredient in Monavie if you are taking the Active monavie, that is alleviating your symptoms. I think glucosamine is marketed as a dietary supplement and is not quality-controlled like other medications.

I found this statement about glucosamine that you should know if you are taking Active monavie juice: "No study so far has found any serious side effects from either glucosamine or chondroitin. The most common side effects are increased intestinal gas and softened stools. However, animal research has raised the possibility that glucosamine may worsen insulin resistance, a major cause of diabetes. So far, studies in humans have not substantiated that risk. Nevertheless, people with diabetes should monitor their blood-sugar level particularly carefully when using that supplement. There have been no reports of allergic reactions to glucosamine. But since it's made from shellfish shells, people who are allergic to seafood should use it cautiously, watching for reactions, or avoid it entirely. As for chondroitin, it can cause bleeding in people who have a bleeding disorder or take a blood-thinning drug."


Judy - June 14

Thank you JJ, I am taking the active, the reason I want to drink the juice is it has helped me with other things too. I did know the other stuff was in it and looked it up. I think if I was going to have a allergic reaction I would have had it by now. I do have allergic reaction I am allergic to morphine and codine with respertory(spell) failer.. that is very scarry. I was worried about it, I worry about it all the time with anything new I take..I really like this site I wish I had found it sooner. I have had such a hard time dealing with this Fibro stuff to the point my poor hubby was ready to give up on me.. People just do not understand it unless they have it. I could not believe the judge sit there and told me I was faking my pain and could not be in so much pain because I cared for my children..A mother does what she has too pain or not..has anyone else gotten their disability for this ??? and how long did it take you..


Debra - June 14

Hi: To all of you.My post here was to find out if anyone of you have extreme burning body pain.Now my post has turned into a huge other topic about that so called miracle juice.Please i would love to talk to any of you that have this kind of pain.Or if you wish to talk about your other medical issues thats fine aswell.NOT THE JUICE.THANKS SO MUCH DEBRA.


JJ - June 14

Sorry Debra. I would describe the pain in my left toe as an extreme burning pain. It is always there, but most serious when I first get up in the morning or if I sit for a long time. During the day, I try to make sure I get up and move around a bit (I have a desk job) and that seems to keep the pain at a minimum.


Debra - June 20

Hi:JJ Thanks for your reply.I'm sorry to hear that your toe burns.Do you have any other burning areas of your body?.My whole body burns i mean everywhere 24/7.I hope to hear from you soon.Take care. Debra.


JJ - June 21

As far as "burning", no. Just my toe. It is always there, but really only annoying when I am laying down when it seems to throb and burn at the same time. I also tend to feel it more when I don't have any other pain going on at the same time. Seems so inconsequential compared to the pain you feel. For the last two days I have such a pain in my neck, one hand, and my calves that I hardly notice the toe burning. Man, I sould like a mess and I feel like I am doing pretty well compared to a lot of people.



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