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Extreme Burning Body Pain And Fibromyalgia
82 Replies
inquiry - June 2

FYI, I spend $10 per month for my prescription fibro meds.


Judy - June 2

the most I would benefit would be to help pay for my juice yes some people go all out and are making a ton of money. I on the other hand have 6 children and can not afford to sink money in something in order to make money. I have been un able to work for 4 years now we filed bankrup and lost all most everything We had due to my illness with fibro and cancer. I was denied for SoS Benefits . You can be sure someone will make money from us buying it me and who ever else buys it. I can not Make you believe me when I tell you this has worked for me So I give up, You will be hearing much more about this juice it is well known for the Acai Berry it was talked about on the Oprah Winfrey show, The London Times, Mens Journal ect.. I hope you find something to work for you have a great day.. Judy


Judy - June 2

I wish all I spent was $10.00 for my fibro meds and doctor visits.. I am pleased to hear someone can get that kind of meds and doctor visits so cheap our insurance cost a ton by it self and the co pays is why I ended up in bankrup. THey tested me for every thing you could think of before the finally agreeded it was fibro.. I promise not to mention what has helped me again lets just for get the Monavie juice. I didnt mean to offend you guys only help. I wish you knew me better you would know that.. best of luck.. Judy


Jean_ - June 4

Hi Debra, I'm from Georgia, USA. Hope your feeling better, I'm having my dificulties but this too shall pass.


Debra - June 5

Hi: Jean from Georgia.Thanks so much for getting back to me.How long have you had Fibromyalgia?.What to take for your pain?.Does anything help you pain?.By the way i'm the one from Toronto who thinks your a great person.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care. Debra.


Debra - June 5

Hi: Judy Thanks for getting back to me.I'm very sorry to hear that you had cancer and that you have been suffering so much for so long.But i'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and that the juice has been helping with your pain.Please keep in mind that alot of people out here might not trust what your saying because it sounds to good to be true.And the cost is insane.Everything in this day and age that is good for you is so very expensive.I only buy Organic food and the cost is way to much.About 100 years ago everything was good for you and all foods were organic.I wish it was like that today.Well,i hope that you become healther and feel better soon.Take care. Debra.


Judy - June 5

Hi Debra, I know it is hard for people to believe in something the way the world is today with all the Evil of the world. after chatting with you on here I decided to go a few days with out the juice to see what would happen and the pain after two days with out came rushing back to me, my hips, knees, shoulders and neck..I think one of the reason the juice works I have found out with some research that it is Monavie active which is what I am drinking has two additional ingredients meant specifically to help relieve joint/muscle pain and inflammation, as well as regenerate the cartilage that is lost through the normal wear and tear of the body so Monavie Active contains all natural Celadrin and Glucosamine that reinforce the original fruit blend by controlling and repairing the damage our bodies experience. I just got this info two days ago because I called my cusion and asked him a few more question about why this stuff works so good for fibro, and he sent me this info. it does cost more then I can really afford but I was at a stage with this stuff I would do just about anything other then become addicted to drugs to get some relief I never dreamed it would really work so well. I was just like you when he first told me about it. I tried it and it worked and that was all I needed to know until you question me. hope you have a great day.


Debra - June 6

Hi: Judy Thanks for your reply.You had stated in one of you replies that you get this stuff for free because you had worked something out with the company and now your saying that you pay for the juice.Sorry im not trying to give you a hard time im just looking to talk to extremly honest people.You might be one of them.I dont know.Take care .Debra.


Judy - June 7

I never worked out anything with the comany to get it for free..My cusion gave me my first case to see if it would help me. Then I signed up to get it by auto ship it cost me 130.00 a month plus $5.00 for shipping what I was trying to say was I would try to sign up enough people so that I could get my free by spending any bonus money I should get for signing up anyone on auto ship so that I could get mine free because I can not afford it. it is hard to tell everything in little bits of posting. I am how ever a little tired of someone calling me a dishonest person over and over again, The whole point I was trying to make to people with Fibro is this we now have something we can take for it and it really does help. I have a few of my friends and family that do drink this and they all report the same as I, THAT IT REALLY HELPS..All I seem to get from your relpy is I am being dishonest or I am trying to make money.. I have told you No I am not trying to make money I would like to get mine for free by siging up people on auto ship so that they two can get to feeling better and also teach them as I was how to drink it share it with others and also get to the point of not having to worry about how to pay for it. I dont know why I even bother to relpy to your negative replies. why do you automatic assume someone is being dishonest,, because they say here I have found this wonderful stuff that will help us all with fibro ??? Someone making money off the product ?? Of course someone makes money off any and everything that is sold .. Well anyways you have a great day and may God be with you always.


Curious - June 7

Oh, so you do benefit financially from the sales of juice. If you get people to use it, you get paid. And you are hoping to get enough people to use it to pay your costs in buying the juice. Is this correct?


Judy - June 8

that would be wonderful for me!!!!!!!!! but at the same time others will feel as good as I do. I sell avon too and I make money with all those sells but you know what not one person has said to me I dont want to buy avon because someone is going to make money. silly


Judy - June 8

Sorry I shouldnt let one person upset me..I will end it here........


Surprised - June 9

As a fms sufferer whose co-pays for meds have hit $400 a month, I'd LOVE to find a natural product that would take the place of meds. There are many snake oil vendors in the world that would make a ton of money off any one of us because we're all desperately drinking FDA approved drugs on the market in hopes of relief. I myself am taking two powder form supplments a company claims can heal the body from the inside out. My mother pays $120 a can a month for it for me. I can't afford it but she pays it in hopes that it will work. Let's give Judy the benefit of the doubt that she's found something that has helped her and she's shared the info. All these companies offer you discounts if you get clients. She's right. It's no different than selling Avon. I think you're all being too harsh with Judy.


Rachel - June 9

I had not experienced the burning red stabbing pain in my feet. Just occasional electrical jolts to my heels and the rest of my body. Then the burning stabbing pain began. I thought I'd gotten a bad case of athletes foot and I started disinfecting everything and using tinactin on my feet, etc. Until it radiated to the top of my feet, my hands, legs and knees. My knees?! My doc told me I didn't have a foot infection and I couldn't have athletes knee. I still haven't figured out how to stop it b/c it's progressed to making my muscles spasm and jerk out by themselves. Doc just says to drink the meds. Hope you find something that helps Debra. It truly feels horrible.


Debra - June 9

Hi: Judy I'm so sorry that all of us have been giving you such a hard time.Please,Please understand i never ment to do that.There have been alot of scams out here.The people out here seem to be very honest and we are all desperate to find a way to help us cope with this horrible never ending pain.It is very hard to pay lots of money for things when you cannot work.So if all the sufferes out here knew that this product really helped that much with pain and it was guarented to work,i think we would all find a way to pay for it.I think that auto ship is a rip off because you should first try the product and if it helps you them you should have auto shipment.I'm so glad this has worked for you.You know that people with pain always get a double whamy.You have to constantly try to prove to Doctors and family that your in pain and you have to pay out of your ying yang for very little pain control.So plese understand it is nothing against you personaly i'm sure your a nice person that is just trying to help.Take Care.Debra.


Debra - June 9

Hi:Rachel Thanks so much for your reply.Well,It sounds like you have a big load to deal with your self.Is anything helping you now with you pain.I wish you well.Take Care. Debra.



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