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Extreme Burning Body Pain And Fibromyalgia
82 Replies
Debra - July 22

Hi: Does anyone out here have extreme burning boby pain???.My body aches and burns from my my head to my toes.My legs and feet feel like they have been torched on fire and my skin feels like i have a serious sunburn.If you touch my legs and your hand are soft to me if feels like they are sandpaper.I get really bad chills just like you would if you had a bad sunburn,But i dont even suntan.The burning is so bad i sometimes wish i could just rip them off.Please does anyone out here have this problem?. Does anyone know what causes this to happen?...Thank you all so very much for caring.Take good care always Debra.


TJS - May 25

Debra , you are not alone, I have had the same symptoms you are experiencing all winter and sometimes the burn could last for weeks, cold sweats I mean absolutley ringing wet. shivers I could not stop even in the warm shower. arms and shoulders like they were wrapped with rubberbands so tight it hurt to move them. Turns out I was put off from work a month ago for allergy sensitivities to certain types of wood dust ( not the dust but the chemical compounds in the dust) . Just a thought but maybe some thing to look at in your diet your meds etc.. If you shearch chemical sensitivities you will find that a lot of the symptoms overlap with the fibro. the burning skin is from, in my case, hystimine reaction in moderate levels for a long period of time due to the senitivities to the dust. The burning went away in the second week off work. keep up hope and I hope this helps you find a direction to go in. sincerely TJS


mary - May 25

My husband has FM but also has RSD which causes the skin to trun red and hot to the touch. You may want to ask your doctor about Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophe. It is neurological and unfortunately not much has helped my husband with this.


Debra - May 26

Hi: TJS Thanks so much for leaving me a message.I'm Really sorry that you had to go through all of that pain and suffering.I feel more human knowing that some one out here has gone through what i'm going through.I'm so happy that you found out the cause of your problem.I hope your feeling better now?.Thanks for the imformation that you gave me.I'm going to look into that a.s.a.p.Please take good care of your self and keep the faith.Sincerely Debra.


Debra - May 26

Hi: Mary Thank so much for leaving me a message.I'm really very sorry that your husband is so ill and in so much pain.It must be very hard on you to go through this with him.Always people think about the person that is in pain,but they never talk about the person that helps them .It is very hard to live with someone that is in constant pain.You are living the nitemare as well.I dont know if i have RSD but i know that i have Fibromyalgia.I will ask my Doctor to run some more tests.Thank you for the information .I wish you and your husband all the best of good health and i hope that one day your husband will be pain free.You take good care.Sincerely Debra.


Jean_ - May 28

I don't know what to tell you in this instance except take cool showers to eliminate some of the burnig and talk with your doctor who should know and if he dosen't get someone else.


Debra - May 29

Hi: Jean Thank you so much for your reply.Cold showers dont help.You seem to be a very nice person.Your'e always trying to help other people out here that have Fibromyalgia.I'd like to know where your from?. I'm from Toronto Ontario,Canada.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care. Debra


Judy - May 29

yes I did have this problem, Now that I am on Monavie juice my pain is so minor I take nothing for it.


Debra - May 29

Hi: Judy Thanks for your reply.As for the Monaive Juice Ive never heard of it.What is it? and what is in it?..How has it helped you?. Take good care.Debra.


Judy - May 30

Monavie is a juice made of Acai Berry, Pomegranate, bilberry,passion fruit, wolfberry, blueberry, kiwi, Cranberry, Apricot, Prune, Nashi, Aronia, Pear, Acerola, Banana, Dark and white pigment grapes. It has helped me by taking away all the pain in my joints I feel so much better it has helped me with sleep it I use to take pain meds, sleep meds, asthma meds, heart burn meds, Anxiety meds, all the meds they give us for the fibro, this is the best thing that has happen to me since I was told I have fibro. its great.. all I can tell you is check out the web site or email me at [email protected] for more info.. Hope this helps you..


Debra - May 30

Hi: Judy Thanks so much for getting back to me.Well, i went to that web site and checked it out.The juice is very expensive.How much of it do you have to drink of it every day?. Thanks.I hope to hear from you soon.Take good care. Debra


Debra - May 30

How many of you out here have really bad body pain and burning every day.


Judy - May 31

Debra, I know it is expensive It is hard for me to afford it but I want be with out it if I can help it. You only drink 2oz am and 2oz pm. one bottle last you one week. I enrolled in the auto ship and pay $130.00 a month for my juice that comes to about $4.64 a day but I save tons on all the scrips I now dont need. I am not trying to talk anyone into drinking this stuff I am just so excited that after 5 years of Fibro pain and all the other things we all suffer with are now all gone.. I feel 20 years younger.. I just cant see me going back to all that pain now no matter the cost. I just wanted to share the info to help others out there that suffer the way I did.. as you all know not only do we suffer but Our poor familys deal with it too. I went through some bad depression with all this. I am now a very happy up beat person. My Husband says he is so happy to have his wife back.. there is also ways to earn sign bonus to help you pay for your juice. for more info you can contact me [email protected] I would love to share info and have all of you feeling as good as me soon and have us all chating about how great life is again. God bless you, Judy


Debra - June 2

Hi: Judy Thanks for your reply.To be honest what your telling me sounds like a sales pitch.It is very hard to believe that just drinking this very,very expensive juice will get rid of chronic pain.If this were to be true i think alot of people would know about it .And if they did they would not be out here asking for guidance and help for pain and suffering.Thanks.


Judy - June 2

this just came out in 2005 and not many people know about it yet but it is wide spread I was just like you when I first was offered this juice and was told what it coudl do for me. I had Cancer in 2002 it was a long battle to fight and I cant tell you how many people gave me diff stuff to drink my friends were all trying to help me and I just didnt really believe in it so I didnt really drink it I was to sick to bother at the time. So I understand how you feel. it is hard when you dont know somebody very well to believe in them, Since I have beat cancer so far knock on wood!!! I have decided that God wants me here for a reason So I spend most of my time helping others, I try to do benefits for those in need or those who suffer with cancer the way my family did. My cusion gave me a few bottles of this stuff and promised me it would help with my Asthma and Fibro with many other illness, he is the kind of guy if he believes in it then you can bet it wroth checking into, I can not afford to give it away the way he can I struggle to buy my own, but I did as he asked and drink it every day twice a day, and I promise you it has helped me, My doctors give me so many drugs for Fibro I can even remember them all. I want lie and say I never feel any kind of pain at all but it is so little I dont take anything for it. I have been on this stuff now for one month and they say the longer your on it the better you feel. I have some of my friends on it and they all tell me it has helped..thants the best I can do for you I just want others to feel better, Sorry if I offended anybody. I wish you could go to one of the meetings and learn more about this stuff they have them everywhere. Thanks Judy


Inquiry - June 2


do you in any way benefit from the sales of this juice you are promoting? Sorry, but your posts ring of "snake oil salesman". Sorry, but that is just the way it sounds. Drink this magic potion and all your pains will disappear....


inquiry - June 2

FYI, I spend $10 per month for my prescription fibro meds.



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