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TERESA - October 24

Has anyone experenced extreme bloating? I've been having a problem with bloating to the point that my C-section scar & stretch marks look new again ( pink & raised)! I got some relief with MOM but now my insides are sore & my abdomin is starting to swell again! I take a regular dose of Metamusil every day for IBS but it doesn't seem to help this problem!! I was just wondering if it could be my new meds or if this was just YET another symptom? Thanks for your input ! ! !


Virg - October 24

Hi maybe increase your metamucil dose for a few days. I have had that extreme bloating (which I think is an fms
symptom also) but I began taking large tablespoons twice daily. Maybe you might need more fluid intake. I've been accused of addicted to diet coke. Well, somthing has to go on the top of the grocery list!?!


TERESA - October 24

I have increased the doseage to twice a day, but I'm beginning to think that it is the Metamucil. I have had bloated before but never this bad! I started taking the Metamucil this past Friday & the bloating began Sunday. I took the MOM Sunday night & got some relief but now it is starting all over again! I drink LOTS of water!! In fact it's kind of a LONG running joke in my family. I carry a big bottle of water everywere I go & at home I drink only water! Thanks for the input & I've answered you on the drug forum please read!


andi - October 27

Oh my gosh! Like I've said in other posts, this is my first day here and I'm learning so much!
I have bloating to the point of looking pregnant! I started a colon cleansing on September 26th and I'm about finished with it. Its helped me "download the brown file", but the bloating is still there! In fact my stomach always feels like its filled with liquid! There are days its hard to button my pants! Its not like I haven't been trying to lose it either. I have forced myself into an almost daily workout schedule; I'm eating right and less; I drink tons of water and like TERESA I carry the water with me..........but the bloat is still there.
5 years ago, they said I had Chron's. Somehow I dispute that diagnosis. But, I know I have colitis and IBS.........that can't be denied........but OH! This bloating!! Horrible!


TERESA - October 28

I know what you mean!! When I first came to this site I had A LOT of AH HA moments. I had not even been diagnosised yet! In fact it was this site that clued me in to what might be my problem!! Because of this site I ask my regular doctor to send me to a rheumatologist & he diagnosisedme with both FMS & Lupus. As for the bloating, it has kind of eased up now, but every once in a while it will start up again, just not as bad aas the day I wrote in. I would still like to know if anyone else has had this happen to them! thanks for your input!!



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