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Experience with weed
12 Replies
Noca - April 5

Last night I tried weed for my first time. My friend has an unlimited amount and gave me some. I took 3 hits with 2mg of Xanax. I wasnt really that high, I was kind of giddy, and my diction went down to that of a 3rd grader.

The positive effects: Mood went up while it lasted, it killed my pain down to 15% of what it was before, it increased my appetite, killed my nausea, and gave me a good nights rest.

The negative effects: Burned my throat, made it hard to breathe with my asthma, woke up the next morning with anxiety which I took some Klonopin for causing me to sleep all day, and lowered my appetite the next day.

I don't know if I should continue its use or not. I got an unlimited free supply of weed so.. What do you guys think?


KathyK - April 5

hi there,I am a firm believer in using weed.I have suffered fibro for the past 7-8 years.Have been through alot of docs and meds up the ying yang.I used alot of it in my "younger 70's years for fun".I just started again in the last year.I have to mention too that I lost my only child,beautiful daughter,she would have been 29,1 week and a day after.She suffered severe depression,very abusive guyfriend live-in supposedly found her hung in her basement.My life has been a living hell,not to mention the fact of her loss,but my body is detererating fast and it scares me.Xspecially since her step Dad and I are helping raise my one and only ever granddaughter.


Fantod - April 5

I think that you should either invest in a vaporizer or learn how to cook it down and make it into capsules. Google "vaporizers for weed" to learn more about them. The capsules do not provide immediate relief. It can take 45 minutes or more to have an effect and the "high" is not as pronounced. And, it is a very smelly process to cook it down. If you are not in your own home, I would not recommend it. If you want to know the process, let me know.

Are you in a state that has legalized weed for patients with chronic pain? If so, why not go through the process and get a card to save any legal hassles going forward? If it helps you more than standard medication, why not?


Noca - April 5

I live in Ontario and I have no clue if this province has medicinal weed or not. I'm not convinced that I want to use weed anyway. I don't like the anxiety it gives me the day after.


kvc33 - April 5

I believe that it's worth it only for someone who has severe pain and can't get pain relief any other way. Weed contains dozens of chemicals and we don't even know what most of them do. With your having asthma I would say that smoking is a definate no no. Yes, weed can cause anxiety because there is a chemical in it that causes anxiety and it has been greatly increased over the years through breeding stronger and stronger weed. I personally don't believe in getting "high" to deal with any physical or emotional problem. I met someone with fibro who was stoned at the time and I couldn't carry on a conversation with her. It was very uncomfortable for me especially since it's illegal where I live so I left and never went back.


huskymom - April 5

Hi all, I am not in a State that has legalized Pot but, as much pain as I have been in for the last three or four days I would try about anything. Right now I have taking 4 tramadol, 2 Cynbaltas and two Concertas earlier this morning, cause I am studing for an Anatomy test tomorrow. As it is right now I can barely walk (with a cane) can't stand for more than a few min.cause my hips theighs and lower back are killing me. I know its because of all the rain we are getting. but knowing why sure doesn't help the pain. I really wish they could come up with one pill that would make me feel human again.


Canada17 - April 6

Noca, Medicinal marijuana is regulated by Health Canada which means it doesn't matter where you live in Canada, just that you do. However, finding a doctor qualified and willing to fill out the paperwork is the challenge. I am still working on mine - she said she doesn't have time even though it would only take her five minutes to write the paragraph explaining why I need it and then sign her name. (I live in ON too.)

If you have asthma, don't continue to smoke it, you will only cause yourself more problems. Fantod made a good suggestion in purchasing a vaporizer or cooking it down. However, the first option is not cheap and the second is not easy and can be dangerous. (presently I grind mine in a coffee grinder and then pack it into empty gel caps but it is not as efficient as cooking it down and ingesting the oil) If you are going to go either way then you should definitely look into getting a license for it because you can get into trouble just having paraphernalia and if you are going to put out the expense you want to protect your investment.

If you go to the Health Canada website, search for medicinal marihuana (you have to spell it with an "h" instead of a "j" otherwise you won't find what you are looking for).

In addition, if you can make your way to Toronto in July (16th to 18th) they are putting on the first annual weed expo and you will be able to obtain all kinds of information about the different strains and ways of using it. Google it.

If you suffer from anxiety, you need to be extra careful as it can cause anxiety, although for me it calms mine. Research the different strains and see if you friend can get different ones.

I am a firm believer that marijuana prohibition infringes on our rights, especially for chronic pain sufferers. Not just for medicinal purposes but for recreational as well. Anyone can tell you that cigarettes are absolutely TERRIBLE for everyone in proximity to lit cigarette but anyone 19 years of age can purchase a pack and smoke all day long if they want. Alcohol is the same. Both of these products are regulated and taxed by the government, marijuana should be no different, in fact it is proven to be less addictive than cigarettes.

Check out the NORML website too.


Canada17 - April 6

kvc33 - you say you support the use of weed but then say you won't visit a friend who uses it. And you say you don't believe in getting high to deal with a physical or emotional problem. You don't have to get high from weed to have it relieve your pain. In fact, being "high" would be a sign of "overdosing" just as any medication you take for pain or depression. And, every drug, in effect, gets you high, it just depends on what the effect of that high is. If you take too many Cymbalta's you might as well have popped an Ecstasy pill.

You watched one one-sided documentary on weed and based you opinions of the chemicals in it on that. EVERY drug has side effects and risks associated with taking it. However, marijuana is one of the few natural remedies that has been used for thousands of years and only in the last 70 years has been prohibited for medicinal or ceremonial uses.

You comment is contradicting and a little hypocritical.


Canada17 - April 6

PS]]Even when I don't smoke, I sometimes have difficulty carrying on a conversation because I have Fibro. My train of thought gets derailed in the middle of a sentence and I can't remember where the track was to get it going again.

I stutter and can't think of simple words that are on the tip of my tongue. All of these issues started before my use of weed for pain.

Fibro Fog is a nasty symptom.


Noca - April 6

You could take 10 kg of Cymbalta and its still not going to feel like MDMA.

I don't have the money for a vaporizer. I don't care really care anymore for a medicinal license cause I don't need it to obtain weed anymore. My friend has an unlimited supply. The problem is getting my parents to agree to my use of it, as they are pretty narrow minded individuals.

My friend is going to give me some weed cookies to try next time which is brother(someone who's an expert on weed) cooks. He might give me weed/butter capsules to swallow which I might like too.

I don't really know if this is a practical solution as it makes my ADD much worse. I may just use it before I go to sleep at night.


Noca - April 6

Oh and I'll look into that weed expo in Toronto.


Canada17 - April 7

My reference to Cymbalta was not unfounded. One 60mg pill nearly sent me to the hospital (in fact I should have gone to the hospital). My point was that any drug can make you high and the effect of Cymbalta on your brain is likened to the effect of Ecstacy in that it releases serotonin. However, Cymbalta is a cleaner more controlled way of doing so.

I used Cymbalta as my example as I have direct experience with it's affects on the body and also because I can directly relate my reaction to it to the effects of the ecstasy I experimented with when I was in high school. However, I could have easily made the same correlation with the Effexor XR I took when I was 18 and for that matter, any drug designed to do the same.

If I took 10kg of Cymbalta it would kill me. Literally, I would die of serotonin toxicity. However, I could not possibly ingest or smoke enough MDMA to kill me. It may cause me to throw up or my heart to race, and cause my motor skills to drop to that of a three year old; but, I would still be alive. But, you are right, taking 10kg of Cymbalta would certainly not feel like MDMA; it's apples to oranges, their effects are completely different.

Weed can make underlying psychological disorders worse and so for you it may not be the right option. In addition to that, you do not have the same sensitivities to chemicals that I, like many Fibromites, do. I am not discounting your FM, merely pointing out that you are able to use the pharmaceuticals "traditionally" prescribed to treat our condition. I cannot. I get sick from paint, cigarettes, and perfume. Most OTCs are ok at best in my system but over time they have contributed to my full blown multiple chemical sensitivity.

If you find that you did achieve some benefit from using marijuana, talk to your doctor about Nabilone (Cesamet). It is a pharmaceutically derived version of THC and has less effects on the psychological disorders you already suffer from like ADD and anxiety. Plus, it is likely covered under any drug benefits you may have as it is a recognized drug by the FDA whereas medicinal marijuana is not.

Please remember, if your friend is such an expert on weed, he is likely into it deep enough that he is at risk of being watched by the police. If you are found to be associated you could be implicated and lose any benefits you may currently get from the government. Having a license protects you, and if you friend doesn't have a criminal record relating to drugs in the last 10 years, you may be able to have him designated as your producer...then you would both be protected.


meltingavocado - April 8

marijuana is the best thing i have found for fibro pain, so if it helped you, and you have a free supply, i say why not? definitely get a vaporizer or learn how to make food with it, if your asthma gets worse from smoking it, like what others have said.

i completely understand how pot might make certain emotional/cognitive symptoms worse, but for some people (myself included) it can make them a lot better. i am a grad student with a 4.0 gpa, and i've smoked pot regularly for a while. in times when i've smoked less pot, i've found that my fibrofog is actually worse! it's weird, but true. i know the marijuana issue is a big one in this country right now, and it's hard to make sense what pot "really" does, with all the heated arguments for and against it. but from what i've observed, everybody reacts very differently to it, so it's best to honestly pay attention to what works for you, which it sounds like you're doing. something to keep in mind: you may decide that it's not the best medication for you, but unlike a lot of the prescription drugs out there, it won't cause major long-term health problems or give you really scary side effects. good luck!



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