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9 Replies
Jill - January 25

Is it normal to sleep for 20+ hours in one day and still feel exhausted? I slept 20 hours on Saturday and woke up feeling just as tired as before!


AKFlyfisher - January 18

yes, this illness primary or seconday symptom is non-restorative sleep. I can't stay asleep for more than 4-6 hours at a time and wake up often. I cant even sleep in or take naps, I feel like I am fighting or jerking while falling asleep attempting a nap on weekends. They recommend to try and go to bed and get up the same time everyday, but it is real hard to do.


Jill - January 18

I feel like during the week (when I'm stress mode for work) I wake up every hour, and I'm constantly exhausted. Then as soon as the weekend hits, I can sleep for hours without waking. Should I try lunesta or another sleeping pill during the week? I've tried things like Nyquil and I just wake up groggy.


JJ - January 18

When you are sleeping long hours and still feel fatigued, it can be because you are not going into deep sleep (called REM sleep). My doctor prescribed Elavil, which is an antidepressant that also allows you to reach that deep sleep. It has eliminated most of the pain I had with FMS, however, I still suffer from fibrofog and other symptoms.


KimR - January 18

I've had long dreams, almost movie-like, and when I wake up my eyes burn and it feels like I never rested, just dreamed, very strange, anyone else?


Jean - January 20

Hi Jill: Fibromyalgia and CMP gives you unrestorative sleep so it is possible that you thought you were sleeping and you were tossing and turning all the time or feeling pain all night. You need to find out if you have any other underlying conditions that will keep you struggling for sleep and once that is found that can be fixed. Ask your doctor .


AKFlyfisher - January 24

I was on Lunesta for a month and it made me dream even more and I felt drugged during the day or mild headache. I am on Ambien CR now and it has only been 3 days. I have had more dreams on this med, but I also just started Paxil CR during the day. If these meds dont give me relief, I will end up going back to Elavil as much as I hate to. I was having more RLS with Elavil.(kicked the blankets off every night). Luckily I dont have a wife or I would be divorced by now..... my eyes burn everymorning as well, dry eyes from lack of tears mostly........ naps dont even help me so I know what you are going through. Have you tried a low impact excercise program yet? I find eating late at night makes my dreaming worse as well. Good luck finding a med that works for you.


JJ - January 24

I was told that while sleeping pills make you sleep, they don't necessarily get you into the deep REM sleep you need to feel restored. That is why I am on Elavil because it lets you get into that deep sleep. I did not have pain as severe as some people, but when I started on Elavil, what pain I had almost completely disappeared. It has not eliminated all my FMS symptoms though. My worst symptoms now are the fibrofog and gastrointestinal upset.


Andrea - January 25

I agree with JJ i'm on klonipin because they don't cause those scary hallucinations, you tend to get with ambien, (not cr) but sometimes i do feel like I actually get a couple of hours but I still feel like I have really bad restless leg syndrome.


JJ - January 25

About restless leg syndrome. I get this thing where I feel like my feet and legs can't get comfortable -- I want to keep stretching, moving them, etc. Is this what restless leg is?



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