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exercise = colossal amount of pain?
6 Replies
Noca - June 15

I exercised yesterday for about 2 hours cause my doctor and friends kept wanting me to exercise. So today I am in so much pain I had to crawl up and down my stairs and I could barely sit down. My body is shaking I'm in so much pain! I don't want to exercise if this is what is going to happen.


Fantod - June 16

Noca - You really over did it in the exercise department. Two hours was way out of line for someone who has Fibormyalgia let alone all of the other things you deal with. Fifteen minutes of walking at a reasonable pace would have been just fine. I'm sorry that you are feeling so terrible. And, I don't blame you for being frustrated either.

The key to living with FMS is everything in moderation. Any exercise is better than none even if it is just for a few minutes. I hope that you make a speedy recovery from your misadventure. Try again when you are feeling better - just not for two hours. Take care.


Noca - June 16

Thanks Fantod :) Took a load of Dilaudid and Celebrex. The pain is good as long as I don't move my body lol. I'll try doing less exercising next time. Last time I felt this bad was my last wood working job. After 9 hours of hard labour my body basically gave out on me, pure agony. I knew I was done with anymore physical jobs at that point.


fibromite.u.k. - June 16

Hi Noca, you need to go very steadily with exercise, just go gently and slowly at first. Anyone telling you otherwise does not know much about fibro. Some time ago I spent twenty minutes in the garden pulling up some weeds and I was in so much pain the next day it was unbelivable. I suppose it was because I was using muscles that I don't usually use. I have found that all kinds of things can be exercise as you move in different ways. I love singing and my son and I share a karake machine, singing is great exercise for your lungs and if you move about to the music as I do then you are exercising your whole body. I find I can't do more than about thirty minutes of this or else I can hardly move the next day. It is a really fun way to exercise. Just go carefully. I totally agree with Fantod.


powderblue - June 28

Goodness a two hour walk! I find that any exercise you do with fibromyalgia has to be done incredibly gradually. Low impact exercise is supposed to be best. I also heard recently exercise that doesn't extend your muscles too much. If you are going through a bad patch or maybe haven't had enough sleep you may need to ease back for a couple of days. Don't give up on the exercise but maybe take it easy if you have overexerted yourself or having a flare up. Start out small with what you know you can manage. Maybe even bit size portions of exercise. You may find ten minutes three times a day easier than thirty minutes in one go. I had a physio tell me to try and increase my exercise by 5% a day and then realised I knew best as it was too much and causing me more pain. The first time I had fibromyalgia I used walking and hydrotherapy as forms of exercise. After a year and a half of gradually building up my exercise I even began to run again. This time as I'm older and didn't slow down when I kept getting flare up my symptoms have persisted a bit more. I can still walk about around 30-40 min a day and find swimming is good for stretching and relieving the knotts in my back and neck. I know it will probably take a lot longer to improve as things like my sleep patterns and quality of sleep need to improve before I think my body will be ready for more exercise. As most people with FMS are often high achievers and they probably push themselves a lot. I used to run recreationally so trying to learn to pace myself was a challenge. I suggest trying to experiment and keeping a log book. Also learning meditation, yoga, tai chi or qi going or doing mindfullness exercises (or something similiar) can help give you a greater mind-body awareness. Have a better mind-boy awareness was useful for me learning how to pace myself and recognise and acknowledge my pain. Everyone is individual and getting to know what is best for your body is really important with fibromyaglia. Hope my suggestions were some help and hope you are feeling a bit better now.


lucky13 - June 30

Exercise is suppose to be good for fibro, but 2 hrs is a lot.
Low impact is what you need, and start gradually, never push yourself.
I really like yoga, it doesn't cause me more pain, plus I enjoy the relaxtion techniques before bed.
Don't stop the exercise because of the experiance you just had, just tone it down and start slowly.


Noca - July 5

MAN was it hot out today! I was sweating buckets. I tried exercising for only 45 minutes today. I'll see how much pain ill be in tomorrow.



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