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Exercise - are you kidding
5 Replies
Duo - February 28

Is it just me??? I have fibromyalgia and find it so debilitating I just can't believe some sites suggest exercising. I have tried swimming and other gentle forms of exercise including walking ad am always much worse. The only way I seem to be able to get any form of relief is to do absolutely nothing - as soon as I stop resting everything flares up again. Definitely not a couch potato by nature !! Help.


kvc33 - February 28

Exercise must be done very slowly and carefully. Start out with a two minute walk outside. Add a minute each day until you get up to about 20 minutes or so. If you feel you can try more at that point then do so but for most FM patients activity exhausts them and makes symptoms worse. Done in the way I have described it can actually help over time by increasing serotonin levels and limbering up the muscles.


tnichel - February 28

lol. I just talked to my doc about this. Every time I get well something else knocks me down. He says to try even if it's only 5 minutes of walking when I'm relling ok. Some with fms also have cfs. If your doctor ruled out cfs, then it's just typical fibro rebelling against exercise. Don't give up, just work out when you're feeling up to it (walking seems to be the best next to water aerobics & yoga). But it's going to take a long time to adjust. Stretching helps alot too. If you do it first thing after getting out of bed it supposed to cut down on aches and pains throughout the day.


AmandaEffy - March 1

I feel the exact same. I do 5 minutes a week on the treadmill on a very slow speed and I am bed-ridden for 4 days after. I still try though but man it really hurts. I'd try anything to get better so I just grit my teeth and try and do it. My Dad had to put a rail on the stairs for me last month so that'd give you an idea of how able-bodied I am


ptalana - March 1

Hi Duo, It's definitely not just you! I too suffer with severe fms, coupled with some spinal issues my mobility problems have worsened with time. That being said I force myself with the aid of additional meds to incorporate a very mild pilates routine 5x a week. This is most definitely a challenge, fighting vertigo for the entire 20 mins. Even though it's not easy and the additional meds I have to take I believe it truly is worth it. Before I started pilates my feet had started to turn black from lack of circulation, this really scared the crap out of me! And while it does take everything out of me, and for the rest of the day I'm pretty much useless, it's still worth it. My circulation has improved greatly and it does help with my sleeping problems. Also my self esteem has improved I feel awesome about myself after every completed routine.
It did take me about six months to be able to complete a routine, taking it slow is the key. I started doing 5mins daily working up to 20.
My pain is constant, I don't have any down times where I feel o.k. Due to my mobility issues we have to buy a new home, our current home has too many stairs. I've also done considerable damage to the walls with my walker. I walk like a toddler now, very unbalanced. My right leg is now an 1 1/2ins shorter so I'm constantly teetering, even with walker.
Pilates is the answer for me because I'm lying down, so balancing isn't an issue. But I do encourage you to find something that works for you, and start slowly. In time you will be able to do more, be patient with yourself.
Take care, Patty


1joyjoh0624 - March 2

Start out by just stretching. Then short walks. Eventually you can do light exercising. Take it slow and don't push yourself. Listen to your body it will let you know if you are doing too much.



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