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Exercise and Fibromyalgia and Muslims
12 Replies
Alka - December 24

Could someone shed some light on what exercises help in fibromyalgia? Also are there any muslims out there, as I am struggling to pray five times a day, which I normally would do. I have a really bad sleeping pattern as I am a student nurse and have to work various shifts. I only have one year left to become a registered nurse. Could someone offer advice on exercises that would help me?


Fantod - December 24

Alka - Tai chi is recommended for fibromyalgia. It has meditative qualities which are very good for stress. It is also slow moving and provides good stretching. Another option is to find a water areobics class for arthitics. Another slow moving regimen that would also take the weight off of your joints.

Take care.


Auvonto - December 24

I am not Muslim but I was a nursing student some years ago. I never finished but Nursing is in my heart and soul. I just had a conversation with some coworkers of mine (i work for a bank) and I started crying because I feel like I will never be the nurse that I want to be because of this illness. As a nurse you have to be there and I can hardly be here at the bank where I sit on my butt all day. Good for you Alka that you are sticking with it. Im so afraid that I wont be able to keep up. I have 5 children and the youngest is about to be 11 so I may be able to go back to school but I will be so much older by the time I finish. I guess that doesnt matter. I wont be old just older lol. i hope you find a way to pray its hard enough to find time to pray 5 times a day let alone hurting while your praying. I hope you get better soon.


Alka - December 25

Auvonto - Thank you so much for your kind reply. l am not managing much at the moment. yesterday I tried to walk for 15 minutes and since then l have been in agony as my right leg is hurting on and off. l find that when l take pain killers they just make me fall asleep. l am thinking of going to gym tomorrow and try to do all cardio work sitting on an arm bike, where you cycle with your arms, instead of having to use your legs. I am almost 14 stones. I had lost weight and got down to 10 and a half but have gradually gained it back as l am unable to cycle everywhere as l used to. Im taking driving lessons but l may have to switch to an automatic gear car as its easier to drive. Dont know where my life is heading. l was very ambitious but l don't know what l will do now. l am feeling very down these days. l just cant seem to snap out of the mental fog that l experience day in day out. lm 36 and still single, so lucky you for having 5 children. l doubt very much l will have kids now. l doubt if l can cope with pregnancy and bringing up a child. people don't seem to understand. l don't have any support whatsoever. Don't know where to turn. Sometimes l feel l am being punished for not keeping up with my prayers.


axxie - December 26

HI Alka, welcome to the site, hope you can find answers to your question.

As for exercise, you can go swimming, there are swimming pool only for women, so that you don't feel out of sort.

Tai Chi is very good for you, yoga is another that you can do.

I'm glad that you are able to study and working various shifts, it must be hard on the best of days.

Have you tried the mosque where you go, maybe they have classes that fit in your spare time so that you can attend and make friends with others.

Don't be afraid of other people who are not muslim, I have a few friends that are muslim, I have knowne them for years and pretty much what I can do you can do. I found that I appreciate hanging out with muslims, my friends have taught me alot about the faith. I share my beliefs and they share they believes, I am invited to their house and generally hang out with each other.

You can count me as a friend Alka, I will always be there to help you out.



Mitzi - December 27

As others have said, tai chi is great. Also chi gong (AKA qi gong) is very like tai chi and I've always enjoyed how refreshed it makes me feel. Another really great one is feldenkrais. If you're lucky enough to find a feldenkrais instructor near you, you should definitely check it out. If you're even luckier and you find an instructor that really understands how lovely feldenkrais is and can bring that to the class and create a good flow, it's really an amazing feeling.

If you're going to do exercising involving repetitive motions, do it very gently. Repetitive motion is hard on normal muscles so FM muscles really won't like it.

Also, you probably aren't interested in my life's story, but I felt we had some common ground when I read your comment from the 24th and I wanted to try to share my experience in case it helps you.

I moved across the country this summer to start a super intense masters program and after three weeks I fell apart completely, physically and emotionally. Luckily my advisors and my professors have all been willing to work with me so I haven't had to quit my program and I found a good doctor that got me on the right medicine to get me mostly balanced again.

Is there an advisor you can talk to that could help you ease your school load so you're not pushing yourself beyond your limits each day? I had a lot of big dreams and a passion to achieve many things when I started out, too, so it's been very disappointing to me to have to rein myself in, but it really is necessary in order to not collapse completely.

Also, when I moved out here, I had no support structure, and still haven't any. FM is a very isolating disease. I'm 34 and I am also unmarried and haven't had a boyfriend in about 3 years because I've been too sick. So I understand that feeling of loneliness and not knowing where your life is going.

All I can say is be gentle with yourself. And you can still be ambitious, you just have to acknowledge different kinds of successes. For instance, I often start feeling very isolated and lonely because I don't have the energy to go out with my classmates for happy hour, etc. They've stopped even asking me if I want to come. I used to be the life of the party with a very bubbly and happy personality, so it hurts a lot to be unable to participate in so much now and it's really horrible feeling like I'm disappearing and losing my personality.

So sometimes I make myself get up and go to the grocery store and I look strangers in the eye and smile big as I can and say hello and pick things up for people if they drop them and just try to feel that I'm a part of humanity again. And I can get some shopping done, too, so I'm multitasking (yay!). When I get home I say to myself "Victory!" and I let myself feel proud of the accomplishment. Sometimes I even give myself a little treat. And really it's just a treat to be reminded of how really kind and good so many people are in the world. I love seeing it in their eyes and their smiles.

Anyway, I admire you for your ambition and for keeping yourself going. I know this situation sucks and it can feel like a punishment, but take control of what you can and allow yourself to let go of the rest, at least for now. That way you won't feel so much like a victim. I keep having to remind myself that everything works out in it's own time.

There's a nature path near where I live that runs through a forested area and along a beautiful river. When I look in the river I see that the water moves around the rocks in the river bed, flowing gently wherever it needs to in order to keep going. I know it sounds cheesy, but I try to remind myself to be like that river and just flow where I have to as long as it keeps me going forward. Sometimes the only thing you have any control over is whether or not you do keep going.

Just remember, we're amazing people. To function in this world with this illness, to choose to keep moving forward, is just a marvelous demonstration of the human spirit. That doesn't mean we can't complain or get angry about it, but it's nice sometimes to realize how much we really accomplish even if others don't understand. As Goethe said, "Of freedom and life, he only is worthy who each day conquers them anew." We earn our right to freedom and life every time we choose to get out of bed in the morning. So just remember you're amazing!

I wish you a wonderful, gentle New Years and a fulfilling life.


axxie - December 28

Alka, a few things you should do for yourself, you need to go to the pharmacy, and get some Fish Oil and Vitamin E, take it everyday, preferably in the morning, this will help you with your moods, blues, and your mental foginess.

The oil should preferably be purified fish oil blend 1,000mg a day, one vitamin E 400UI and a PG Daily Webber 750mg, the PG Daily will help with healthy blood sugar and help with weight management.

If you can find liquid calcium you should take with a glass of orange juice every morning, shoud help you if you have arthritis.

I also recommend one multi-vitamin for your overall health.

Keep the faith Alka, things will get better, I do hope you find a special someone in the New Year.


Stacey373 - December 28

Hi Mitzi and Alka! I wanted to welcome you both to the forum. I can some-what relate to what you two are going through with school and stuff. I'm 37 years old, married, and I have 3 beautiful kids! I tried going back to school a couple years ago and only got half way through my 2nd quarter. I've been dealing with Fibro and chronic pain and constant headaches for YEARS, but was finally diagnosed during my first quarter of school. I ended up quitting school because I couldn't handle everything and I was also trying to figure out this illness...I wasn't doing a very good job with anything at that time.

But I'm proud to say that I'm going back to school next month! what I've learned over the last 2 years is that I can't do EVERY thing and that I can't force myself to do it all. This time, I'm only taking 2 classes at a time. yes, it's going to take me forever to get my degree....but if I try to take on too much, I will end up failing again.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that we all need to figure out how much is "too much" and then work within our limits. That doesn't mean we have to give up our goals in life...we just may not be able to do it the way everyone else can. No matter what it is, I always say "it may take me longer, but I WILL get it done!"

anyways....always be proud of what you have accomplished instead of focusing on what you can't. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Mitzi - December 29


I think that's so great that you're starting school again! And it took me forever to get my bachelors because I also had to do it bits at a time, but it can definitely be done. And taking online classes for the general ed requirements really helped me.

I agree, we can still have great goals and aspirations, we're just sort of forced to slow down and smell the roses along the way, I guess. ha ha

Good luck with school!


Auvonto - December 30

wow alka, i am so very sorry to hear about your situation. i wish that we were all closer so that we can really be there for each other. but i will do the best that i can on here for you. im with you. if you need to vent then vent, cry, we are here for you. i have not been on here for a few days but i came to you first to see if things are getting a little better. peace be unto you


tia - February 17

Aslmualaikum alka...i can relate to how you feel and yes somedays i feel as if i have no energy to read my salaat and other days pain is so bad i read it sitting d0wn...remember ALLAH(s.w.t) wil not punish u by giving u pain..Sickness c0mes frm ALLAH(s.w.t),we cant questi0n its s0metimes just a test to see if we turn to our creat0r...keep making duah and try and read as many as u can...never f0rget ALLAH(s.w.t) is m0st merciful and f0rgiving...h0pe ths helps you and you read this...wslm...


January - February 17

Hey you all, that knowledge and experience you have amassed is NOT wasted. You are helping people every time you post online and every time you listen to a stranger or smile at somebody at the store -- you never know what someone else is going through!

I also had big ambitions. I won big scholarships, but had sabotaging parents, so I had to work my way through much of school due to an unusual abusive situation (no help from anywhere). I got a Masters degree, and then a degree in art. Then I almost finished an RN, but I had to drop out at 41, due to illnesses (undiagnosed fibro). I probably worked myself to death! Well, I still had to work and, all by myself, took years to care for a physically disabled and violent elderly demented mom who hated me. I thought I would lose my mind. All my dreams down the drain. I lost a lot of friends because I just wasn't "fun" any more.

But here I am, two decades later, I can smile again. I realize that those ambitions were connected to ego, and we can't be too attached to them. But the knowledge we have gained is always with us, and is priceless. We can always use it to help someone else. And sometimes, god moves you to a new situation, and you have to figure out the reason. This illness has taught me to lean on god more than anything because sometimes that's all there is. I know, if I ever need nursing care, I'll take a nurse who has fibro over another one any day! You have an understanding of pain and illness, and a compassion that is sorely lacking in medicine. So, if you can keep going, I hope you do, all of you.

Alka, hang in there, and go slow. Stacey, good luck with getting back to school! Auvonto, I hope you can get back to school, but if not, raising 5 kids is a very commendable job! and your nursing school has already helped you, and them, and others, I'll bet. Mitzi, I love your post because I feel isolated too. I just got back online (after being off for years) and it's been great to look up some old friends. Most of them don't understand fibro though, so finding this site has been a blessing. And like you, I just take myself out sometimes. It's amazing how you can run into sweet people everywhere. I stopped one day to help an old man who was struggling with groceries at an apartment. When I got up to him, he was all alone, nearly blind and he had a prosthetic leg. He told me about his many serious illnesses, and we just sat on a bench and talked. I will never forget him, he was an angel. In spite of all his problems he was smiling and grateful for the social workers he had. Made me think I was a wimp!


lionspaw - September 26


My name is Michael and I have some advice for you. First of all you should be doing dikr, at least for nine minutes at Fajr and Asr.

The next thing that you must do is fast. Fasting is the best medicine for the human being. The way Muslims fast detoxifies the body. This presents a problem because when you suffer from fibromyalgia that last thing you want to do is fast.

The solution to this problem lies in the human energy field, commonly called the bio field or aura. I have an energy healing service ( works through the bio field. Over time it will reduce fibromyalgia symptoms and get you going again. All you have to do is carry our transfer diagram on your person. The first thirty days of use is free of charge with no obligation.

Once you are feeling much better you need to exercise regularly. Stretching and brisk walking for at least thirty minutes is all you need, provided you do it year round. Also when walking do silent Dikr. Silent Dikr is far more powerful that audible Dikr but you do have to get used to it.



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