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Everyone get a complete nutrition panel
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dream69 - February 26

I had the classic symptoms of Fibromylagia, burning eyes, burning skin, fatigue, tender points, muscle pain, night sweats, stiffness, burning urine, GERD, Gastritis, Fibro Fog, and problems sleeping. I began to drink Ginger tea and majority of my symptoms were relieved by 70%. However recently my neurologist checked some of my vitamin levels, looking for a deficiency but instead of that she found elevated vitamin B6. My B6 was elevated because I took multi vitamins and B complex. I stopped taking multi vitamins. My symptoms have significantly decreased since then and soon I will try to stop drinking my ginger tea to see if I have completely recovered. I researched the vitamin issue completely and found that vitamin B6 at very high levels will affect your whole entire body and cause symptoms that an expert would diagnose as Fibromyalgia. However, no one has done research to link both of them. I call it fibromyalgia in a bottle. Yes at first I recognized that I had family members with similar symptoms and after this happened I researched a possible link. Some people cannot metabolize synthetic vitamins in their diet or from supplements and they accumulate in their system over a long period of time and guess what the outcome is, symptoms that are fibromyalgia like. Elevated B6 is important for muscular and neurological function, production of dopamine and serotonin, glucose and protein metabolism, adrenal and thyroid function, pH regulation, and oxygen metabolism. When you research all abnormalities found on fibromylagia patients they are similar to the abnormalities caused by a deficiency or an elevated amount of Vitamin B6. Yes, vitamin B6 the one of the stress vitamins can be the cause of a disease that is worse in times of stress. When we are stressed we all utilize the B vitamins even more in several systems in our body, therefore abnormal amounts of these vitamins during stress will cause a diseased state in our body. Vitamins can be toxic if they are elevated over a long period of time. I urge everyone to get a nutrition panel before you spend money in a bunch of drugs when the solution to your problems can be simple.


jane doe - February 26

Wow Dream, How much B6 were you taking? The recommended amount is 1.3 mg a day, and I read it is safe up to 100 mg a day. That's like 80 times the RDA. From what I read you don't get the symptoms unless you are taking 500mg for a long time. Were you taking that much? Or am I wrong? I just don't want anyone who's taking a multi with say 6 mg to worry needlessly.


dream69 - February 26

I was taking a total of 52.5 mg / day, not at all close to the limit. Yes, I also know what the Internet says but it is not true for all people. My B6 levels were 10 times higher than the upper limit of a normal person.


dream69 - February 26

You see @ a dose of 500mg per day you would get immediate symptoms of neuropathy. The studies done have been for less than one year. I have been taking the same dose for 5 years. So @ 100mg/day it should take less time before you begin to have symptoms.


dream69 - February 26

It takes 3-6months to reduce the amount of B6 to normal levels.


JJ1 - February 27

I don't regularly take vitamins, but I think it is important what you are finding out. If it is related to not being able to absorb vitamins that is something I definitely need to look into since I already know that I am not absorbing iron. This is very helpful info. To my knowledge, I have never been given the nutrient panel. I am wondering though, it if is going to take 3 - 6 months to get your B6 levels normal again, it doesn't seem like you would be feeling improvement so soon.


JJ1 - February 27

Dream69 - I have tried to google "nutrition panel" and I am not getting any hits (other than the "nutrition panel that appears on food labels). Do you have any links that show what this test entails and shows the range of normal test results?


dream69 - February 27

Not a specific test:......ask your doc ........

• VITAMIN B1, PLASMA - (922)
• VITAMIN B12 - (927)
• VITAMIN B2 - (36399)
• VITAMIN B6 - (926)
• VITAMIN B7 (BIOTIN) - (391)
• VITAMIN C - (929)
• VITAMIN C - (17268)
• VITAMIN D PANEL - (5678)
• VITAMIN D, 1,25-DIHYDROXY - (4729)
• VITAMIN D, 25-HYDROXY, LC/MS/MS - (17306)
• VITAMIN K, PLASMA - (36585)
• MAGNESIUM - (622)
• CALCIUM - (303)


dream69 - February 27

Quest Diagnostics



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