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Ever hate your body and feel completely defeated
4 Replies
Kristina17 - March 13

This might be a complete rant but has anyone gone to a Chinese medicine naturalist?? I went to one yesterday and he said nothing good about my body. I have shared in other posts that I have FMS but also 4-5 other chronic conditions as well. The naturalist yesterday told me that i have deficiencies in my gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, stomach, pancreas and more and that my liver and heart are excessively deficient. It was all bad and discouraging news and he said everything in my body is working against me!! What it that supposed to make me feel??

What do you do when you feel all hope of ever getting better is gone??

After the initial filling of paperwork etc,it was time for actual treatment. However, his massage was the most painful and comfortable 2 hours of my life!! Every touch was torture!! and the acupuncture felt ok but by then my entire upper body was feeling extremely bruised. He said he can help me and fix my problems but does this much pain really pay off? Have you had good experiences with natural pain treatments?? Please let me know!!



kvc33 - March 13

Unfortunately you don't understand the philosophy of Chinese medicine. It is completely different from Western medicine. They base their assessment on 'energy' levels in the body that they perceive as being out of balance. If you were to go and get medical tests done you would probably be told that there is nothing wrong with your organs. How did he 'diagnose' you? Chinese medicine is subjective not objective and many people don't even believe in it's value. I'm sorry that you felt like you were getting bad news, I wouldn't have taken it that way because I understand that they are talking about function not disease when they say that your organs are deficient. As for the massage, you really needed to tell him to stop. It should not be that painful and it is best to have gentle massage at first and then go deeper in later treatments as the muscles start to relax. I don't think this guy knows anything about fibromyalgia and I wouldn't continue to see him. I've had all kinds of holistic practitioners tell me that they could help me and they didn't. That being said I still believe in the value of alternative medicine and I use deep breathing, light therapy, herbal therapy and homeopathy. Hating your body is not the answer, but loving it may help you to heal.


Fantod - March 13

Kristina17 - I also believe in the value of alternative medicine. Just like regular MDs, some alternative practioners are not patient friendly and do a poor job of explaining their approach. Lumping them all into one category because you had one bad experience is wrong. If that was the case, none of us would ever see a healthcare professional ever again.

I understand your frustration but I think the fault lies with you not researching what to expect prior to your visit or asking a ton of questions when you got there. Blaming this person for a painful massage is also inappropriate. If something hurts, speak up! Other people are not mind readers.

I've had months of accupuncture with very good results. Usually the initial treatment causes more pain and then it gets better. I also use homeopathic remedies, and light therapy. I hope that you will reconsider and try alternative medicine again. Take care.


January - March 14

Hi Kristina - I had an EXCELLENT experience with my acupuncturist/MD. He retired, or I would still be with him. He treated me for pain and fatigue for several years and I got a lot better. Only then did he tell me - when I had first come in, I was close to collapsing. (I kind of suspected that.) But he didn't tell me anything negative during the first years of treatment because that is not how you heal someone! He was always positive. His approach was careful listening and observation, checking pulses and then treatment.

He only did acupuncture. My first session was needles into my kidney area and with a small electrical pulse. That was a very strong treatment, as I only got it once. (Like jump starting a battery!) It was very helpful, and NOT painful, the needles are very fine. After that, sometimes the needles hurt - depending on where they went, but it's just an initial quick pain, then it stops. You only get this sharp pain with certain very strong healing points. Over time, my health improved considerably with his treatments.

Many years ago, I went to another acupuncturist for back pain - she used a different method and only used two incredibly long needles - but she cured the back pain each time.

You can pick up a small book that outlines the basics of 5 element (or 8 element) acupuncture and the ancient philosophy behind it if you're interested. Really, it works with the web of etheric energy in your body - and progressive modern medicine recognizes this energy.

As for the pain level with your massage - try assessing its value depending on how you feel a couple days later. I went through very painful heavy-handed massages and they helped a LOT more than the light gentle ones. They broke up the knotted areas in my muscles. My MT told me to drink a lot of water and take it easy after these massages. They were painful while they were happening, but in the long run, I felt better.

I agree with kvc and fantod. Fibro is hot right now - "everybody" has a "cure." Be careful, make sure they are well trained, and if you don't feel comfortable with them, listen to your gut. I have been taken for a few long silly rides by people who appeared to be well credentialed in Western medicine and alternative medicine.

Yes, you can get better, but you have to learn all you can and advocate for yourself. I suspect "fibro" is the dumping ground for several different diseases - so you have to figure out what works for your body.

PS. I met a veterinarian with serious liver disease - considered uncurable - he refused to go to Western MDs any longer. He was doing well on a complicated regimen with a Chinese doctor which included diet, herbs, and acupuncture.

My feeling is that the Eastern methods work to support your body's natural healing powers, while Western medicine hits you with the big guns - and often their methods cause additional long term damage to your body. We each have to decide what feels right for us - what we "believe" factors into how well we heal! Take care.


Kristina17 - March 25

Thanks for all your advice and comments guys. I didn't do as much research as I could've into this but family advised it and have had great benefits from it. I did tell him how much it hurt but he just said sorry and kept going. I wanted to give this a good go so I did go back last week and will go back tomorrow. After the first week I was bruised internally for days and it hurt to lay down and I was even more stiff than usual.

Don't get me wrong at all, as I felt you all did, I do believe a lot in natural therapies and allowing my body to heal naturally and work through more natural processes. I am seeking to find that balance in all my conditions and have a could natural regime of therapies. I understand the Chinese medicine stuff a little more now and I respect it but it has been hard when he doesn't understand my illnesses much and his English is still developing. I am patient and I trust him but I will not persist if I don't think it is beneficial long-term. The acupunture does seem to do great things and last week the cupping was ok but yeh the massage is still very painful.

Thanks again though and I hope my rant wasn't really annoying and frustrating to read, I'm not really ignorant of my options and the benefits of natural therapies but I was feeling very defeated by the illness at that stage.

Take care all



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