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16 Replies

Does anyone feel this way? I have been feeling like giving up for a while now. I am soo depressed and just tired of always hurting. I had a root canal this past Friday. I was in so much pain I was crying my eyes out when I got home.. ANd it still hurts now, 5 days later! I get so tired of every little thing hurting soo bad!

Sorry for complaining, I am just tired of it! UGH!


Auvonto - January 12

yes. I hate to say it but I do. I am sick of seeing dr after dr i am sick of pills i am sick of missing work. i am sick of my kids seeing me this way. i am sick of my husband having to take care of me like im old. just sick of it all.....hell im sick of being sick lol. but gotta keep pushing im with you inpaindailyjc. but we gotta keep pushing


slb71 - January 13

inpaindailyjc - that is exactly how I am feeling right now. I usually maintain a positive attitude, but I have to say that has not been the case lately. I am fed up with everything. I know that we have to keep plugging along and think good thoughts but dang it sometimes it almost impossible to do. I am tired of hurting, tired of not sleeping, tired that I get exhausted easily, tired that no one around me knows what I am going through, tired of working, tired of financial setbacks, tired of taking all the many medications, tired of being alone, tired of waiting on drs, tired of not feeling like i use to, tired of not being able to remember ANYTHING, ....the list goes on....

I am complaining I know but where else am I suppose to???

I am sorry to hear your situation & hope for you to feel better very soon.


toots2889 - January 13

Believe me when I say that we all get that way, from time to time! I think we have the right to get fed up and bitch and complain about it. Its hard to live with this. It wears on you, but after awhile of complaining things start to get better. You start having good days again and its all ok for awhile again. Some of us that have had this for years and years(LOL) have adjusted to it so its not so bothersome. But even then we still have moods now and again, where we to get fed up, and want to quit. So we come on here and let it all out, and wait for a few understanding fellow fibros to post and cheer us up. You definitely are not alone in your thinking. Weve all been there. Hang in there!


kvc33 - January 13

Over my sixteen years with severe CFS exhaustion I have hit a wall many times. There were years where I spent most of my time in a severe depression. Five years ago I was in bed for three months barely able to breathe. I thought I had seen it all until that hit. Once again this illness has shocked me. In late November I became mentally ill most likely from one of my medications. I am doing my best to get off of it but sometimes need to take it. My anxiety each day is severe and I have become afraid of everything. There are only a few people I feel safe with and I fear that they will leave me. I barely get through each day and don't know how to go on. I do know that if I didn't have my boyfriend I would either be in the hospital or dead. Life shouldn't be this way. None of us deserve this crap. So, I totally understand how you feel.



Thanks to all that have replied! I hate to say this, but I am glad that there are others out there that know what I am going through. And some are worse than me. Which makes me feel like an ass for complaining.
I think a lot of my problems are the fact that I DO NOT have anybody that understands in my family. My brother has MS so he has his own amount of pains and problems. I try not to bother him about my problems..
My mom has always pushed through everything, so she thinks I should be SUPERWOMAN and be able to do everything. She makes me feel bad when I stay in bed all day.. She just doesn't understand...

ANd I am a single mother. So, I don't have a husband or boyfriend that could listen to my problems. My 8 year old is somewhat involved. She knows when mommy doesn't feel good. The other day I fell asleep for an hour and a half after work. She came in and put a blanket on me and did her homework and what she needed to do. I am very grateful for her. Then I feel like I am not being a good enough mother. Not that I can help it...

Sorry ladies and Gentleman. I am just depressed. I will get over this eventually.. As everything could be worse and I need to be thankful for what I have :)

Thanks for being here for me! ANd my heart goes out to EVERYONE struggling with this disease. We all need to stick together and be there to get through this.


Take care!


Fantod - January 13

No. I am going to live to be 100 on


alivenotliving - January 29

It's ok to complain a little :) And yes, I have had weeks now where I feel like doing absolutely nothing. I have never been a baby and have an amazing pain tolerance...but these past few weeks have made me cry and feel as though there is no hope for anything in my life. I feel lonely and scared all the time and have no energy to fight it. I don't get a lot of support because people always see me smiling through it...pushing myself to be some sort of super woman until I drop from exhaustion. My fiancee doesn't understand it at all so he is not the best at sympathizing with how painful it truly is. these past few days have been very cold and damp...snow up to my knees and it has been hell on me. Yet he gets upset when I say I don't want to go anywhere...especially at 10pm to get him cigarettes and a damn lotto ticket! The arguing about what a sissy I am for not wanting to venture out into the cold is really beginning to make me think about how much longer he will be my fiancee :( Because he will either get sick of me being so sick all the time...or I will get to the end of my ropes with his lack of compassion :( I hope you feel better soon!


Criola30 - February 14

Yes. I feeling that way at this moment. My body hurts and my fingers and toes are red and swollen. I don't know what to do.
Sorry to complaining. I'm sick of hospitals,doctor meds ...but a have a family who needs me.


mdak - February 14

I have been reading everybody messages and I do understand. Some days are hard. Now that I have my pain under controlled, I hope to start feeling better. I use a sadd light for my depression and do workbook by mary ellen copeland called WRAP. This helps with my depression. I try not to schedule so many things. If I have something planned big, I dont do much else. I know if I over do it, my fatique and pain kicks in. Sometimes I get so tired of working around all of this, but I realize this is the way it's going to be. It sucks! After all these years, my husband is just starting to understand this FM. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he didn't ask to marry this. It has been hard at times on our marriage, but things are looking up. I try not to have the poor me syndrom, and try to help others.I hope everbody has a better week and It's ok for us to vent.


Cher0208 - February 15

I just want to say to all of you that that somehow, someway everything is going to be ok. The other day I cried and cried. Took a shower and cried some more. Is it because I feel bad for myself? I don't feel like I feel bad for myself. I feel like I'm tired of this bull shit. I'm in pain, my throat feels tight, my eyes are blurry, I have anxiety, my body is hot. And this is all at age 26! I just want some answers and some solutions STAT. I want to go back to when this was something I had never even heard of. But what a waste to wish to go backwards. There is no backwards. There is only forward. And one day there will be a cure for this. In the meantime let's take care of ourselves the best way we know how. Eat and sleep good and think positively. And whoever, whatever you believe in...have faith and pray. I am going to pray with all of my heart tonight for every single one of you on this forum. I'm sending my love. We'll get through this!

Xoxoxo [3


January - February 15

I really felt like giving up when I was on so-called anti-depressant drugs! LOL!

What worked the best for me was a strict gluten free diet. Depression is one of the primary symptoms of undiagnosed and untreated celiac disease.



Just to give you an update, I am still in pain and struggling. But I am DEALING with this. It isn't going to go away. SO, I am trying new ways to cope and destress. I have also decided if someone comes into my life and cannot understand the Fibro and tries to make me feel bad about my life or what I don't do, I am kicking them out of my life. I do not need that crap. I try to make sure that my friends and family know the condition I have and all of the symptoms and side effects.

Thank you ALL for being supportive and helping me through my rough time.

I wish you all a SOMEWHAT pain free day!


Cher0208- I wanted to tell you thank you for the prayers. I am a Christian and know that Jesus will help us.

**if that offended anyone I am sorry**


Noca - February 16

INPAINDAILYJC - I'm glad you are coping better :)

I have tried several times to give up on life but my support system won't have it. I keep fighting to the death through depression, anxiety, pain and fatigue.


tinosgirl - March 4

WOW; and to think I was the only one wishing I would not wake up in the morning. Prayer helps.Also just started the diet, "
Eat right for your type", and eating as much gluten free as I can. Dr. Peter Dadamo has a diet and there is an explanation of diet goes along with your blood type. Not everyone is the same, so what is good for one person, hurts another person.I have missed alot of work lately. I hate getting up from my warm bed and start the hurting all over for another day. I was diagnosed with Fibrocytis (now its Fibromyalgia) 40 years ago by a young doctor who knew what she was talking about but no other doctors would listen. If only the health carriers of today would pay for Homeopathic and alternative doctors, I would go for accupuncture weekly. God Bless us all.


denjen - March 5

I feel the same as everyone here. I am lucky that I have a super supportive husband and a doctor that listens. I have learned I won't settle for a doctor that won't listen to me. I did have one tell me it was in my head and to just buck up. I was out of her office in 2.2 never to return. I suggest seeking out a support group. I plug along because it is us that has to find a cure for this misery. I am gladly the guinea pig so no one else has to suffer. Don't give up we are all here for each other and if it helps complain away because some days we just need to feel sorry for ourselves. No one knows how bad I suffer and if they are going to judge me and roll their eyes at me...F them!! I don't need that in my life and neither do you.

Thanks Fibro friends!!


vavaughn - March 6

I'm there right now. It's like bad days I lay down and good days I catch up on house work. Not much fun in that!



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