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Euthanasia or sleep induce for the dying
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axxie - December 14

I just finished reading an article on persons who are will be dying, the question to people is, what would you do, if the doctor told you, you have xamount of time to live (doctor's have to worse prognosis of telling time). Now that I have cleared this up. Someone is a dad, he is also part of a happy family, this would extend to 3 or 4 generations. This person has been told he has incurable disease, he will die in the near future. We all know what it feels like to hurt, but this man is dying, He has a legal choice, have more treatment to prolong his life for a few more months (there is pain involve) or be induced into a coma, the same drug to give you when you are going for an operation, except they induce you until end of life, or lethal injection. What would you go for. The question I am posing is only for people who have suffered physically. What if it was your Dad, or Mom or maybe yourself, What would you choose and why?


January - February 2

Axxie - what a really good question. I would never want to make this decision for anyone else. But if I had intractable pain (could get no relief) AND I knew I did not have much time left because of diagnosed disease, I would say my goodbyes, and when the pain was unbearable, I'd opt for the coma, without any parenteral nutrition or ventilators to keep my body going artificially. For me, the deciding factor would be unbearable pain. The less of that, the better at the end. I would not want to "linger" on the edge of death. JMO.

There is a lot of new research and writing and even videos on youtube about Near Death Experiences. Those things lead me to believe that death is not a horrible thing, but a kind release to another plane. When it's your time to go, AND you are ready -- why prolong the dying process artificially just because the technology exists to do that?

The options you are describing seem rather enlightened to me, and I'm surprised they are available somewhere. If you have a family member or friend facing this difficult decision, I hope things have been resolved in a way that brings the person and the family peace.



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