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Eustachian tube dysfunction/ear problems, sinus with fibro??
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m.e. - September 24

I am a chronic sinus sufferer. Now I seem to have eustachain tube issues. Has anyone heard of this being connected to fibro? A knowledgeable fibro support group leader told me it is impacted by muscles in the neck. It never ends with this complicated annoyance!!! Why are sinuses an issue for us?? Thanks for any info you can share. Best wishes for a joyful, pain free day.


kvc33 - September 24

Ear, nose and throat issues tend to go hand in hand that's why there are ENT doctors. My sinus issues turned out to be allergies but non-allergic rhinitis is common with fibro as well. It could be because our immune system is involved with this illness. Muscle tension can play a role- I find that taking clonazepam (a tranquilizer that also acts as a muscle relaxant) helps with my sinus headaches. I also have ringing in my ear which is often connected to sinus problems. Lucky for me it's not bad.


toots2889 - September 24

m.e.- I to suffer with problems with my ears. Ive been to an ENT who couldnt find anything wrong. Ive had severe pain in my ears, wind type sound in my ears, and now am having problems with my sinuses. I have been referred to Mayo by the ENT who saw me and hoping they can figure it out. I have my appt. finally on Oct.5th. Should I find out anything helpful, I will definitly come on and pass it on. In the meantime good luck to you, and I hope you have better days.


tuula - September 24

Well I have FM and have always had what I now know is Eustachian tube dysfunction. Symptoms for me are rushing background sound, clicking/popping sound when I swallow, earache, itchy ears.
However, the best one has to be - minty fresh ears when I clean my teeth or have a polo (peppermint).


fibromite.u.k. - September 24

I have had problems with my ears since I was six years old and didn't really connect it to fibro which I think started in my teens, but now I wonder if there is a connection. It was always my left ear that gave me the problems, ear pain, infections, blocked ear and so on. From just over ten years ago I often get it blocked so badly that I have to go to the hospital to have it suctioned sometimes several times a week for a number of weeks before it clears. In August 2009, I was sitting at the computer when suddenly, my right ear went completely deaf. I assumed it had suddenly blocked up but was surprised it was my right ear. The rest is a long story, but after numerous visits and tests with an ENT consultant, it was found that the hearing nerve in my ear had died suddenly for no apparent reason. It has been an awful thing to have to learn to live with and I have very little hearing left in my right ear and even though I now have a digital hearing aid, it is not much better, and with my left ear causing me problems it makes life difficult. I find it hard to hear what people are saying when there is a lot of noise around me and cannot tell from which direction a sound is coming from and being a lover of music it has been an enormous blow to me. As the ENT consultant said, I have lost all my stereo. I wonder if it has any connection with fibromyalgia, since no real cause was found for what is called my "sudden sensorineural hearing loss" SSHL.


kvc33 - September 24

The sound of wind in the ears is considered to be a form of tinnitus. There is a product called Tinnitus Relief Formula which contains gingko biloba, garlic and zinc. You may want to give it a try. It must be taken for months to see results. I had a crusty nose for years and a short course of antibiotics cleared it up so I must have had a low grade infection. I still have the allergies and am working to reduce symptoms and having success. Bromelain, a digestive enzyme, works as a natural anti-histamine if taken between meals. I'm going to try garlic pills next. Gingko increases circulation which caused a whooshing sound for me but doesn't in most people.



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