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Essiac tea, and flor.essence
3 Replies
yannie - December 31

I am wary of 99% herbals on the internet but did alot of research and wondering if the essiac tea, concentrates, and flor.essence products are just another scam or has anyone tried the products and if so - who is a reliable safe supplier of these products....I have had fibro diagnosed years ago and have been able to still work full time, but my feet are killing me...not to mention all the other zingers fibro visits us with. I guess if there was a magic potion we would not be on this forum - but am still looking for relief...but don't have money or energy to waste on scams I have eliminated most sugar and carbs from my diet - not easy at the holidays and I confess to a little cheating and am paying for it!. I hope researchers bless us all with some good promising therapies in 2007! Happy New Year to all!


Patrice - December 31

Hi Yannie. I am not familiar with the herbals, but I do have awful problems with my feet, also. Has anyone found anything for relief? My feet and ankles are awfuls extremely stiff and painful ... causing problems with walking and standing. I've tried aqua-therapy, injections, professional othodic inserts for my shoes, Curves, stretching / exercising, etc. No relief. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


yannie - January 1

to patrice...On your problem with the achy feet - the best I can do is massage,and change my shoes often to redistribute pressure and wear on sore areas of my feet. I was tested for diabetes and was okay but have non-stop numbness in upper part of right foot that is relentless and affects my balance. Sore feet wear down my energy to be on my feet - I need to grow wings and fly but I'm no angel !


Patrice - January 2

Hi Yannie ... Wings would be an excellent solution, but I guess I'm not an angel, either. A nerve conductor test is scheduled for me in a couple of weeks ... hopefully they'll find what is wrong. The ladies at the Curves I go to are very understanding and helpful. I just started a "mild" exercise program with Curves about a month ago, but I can really tell a difference ... especially if I miss a day. Have you tried any type of exercise or stretching program? When my rheumatologist suggested I start an exercise program, I thought, "No way ... I hurt too bad and can barely move." But, amazingly, I can do more than I thought I would be able to do. Even though I can not complete two full circuits (which is the "30-minute workout" for Curves), the little bit I've started is helping me. I defintiely see improvement and hope to be able to do the two full circuits one day. It is really wierd ... I can feel a flare-up beginning ... and instead of going to bed for rest I go exercise first. It's amazing! But the trick is NOT to do too much. I've learned that the hard way. Good luck.



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