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Energy level
5 Replies
Mist - February 24

My energy level is really low. It takes alot to just get moving in the morning,afternoon, what can i do to increase this. They say to eat more to speed up metabolism when you exercise but with my energy so low I'm afrain I'll just gain instead of lose. and eating makes me feel sleggish. the doctor says its because the pain is taking my energy so when i eat what ever energy is left is needed to digest??


KR - February 19

My doctor told me to take subliqual B12 tablets, you can buy them in any pharmacy. Mine was in the normal range, in the 300's but he said he usually supplements below 450. I have been feeling more energetic since taking them about a month ago.


Mist - February 19

I've been thinking of getting the sublingual drops of B12. I was getting B12 needles every 3 weeks but i moved and ive been taking high doses of b12 vitamins to supplement but maybe they arent working, thanks I guess I guess I knew in the back of my head that my malabsorbtion may affect the vitamins, I kinda forgot all about it though.


TP - February 23

I have heard nothing about eating more before, but exercise is supposed to help. I know it is hard when you have no energy to exercise, but you just gotta make yourself do something, even if for a start it is a short walk.


JJ - February 24

My doctor also recommends exercise, which is fine and dandy, but when you are so exhausted that you can hardly get out of bed, how are you supposed to get yourself motivated to exercise? I have started doing after dinner walks with my dog. This is a time that I am already up and moving around and the dog needs to get out anyway, so it works for me.


Pam - February 24

Mist, B12 is great but it really is most effective as an injection. You can get a small amount of energy from sipping chicken broth. Drink extra fluids like herbal teas. There are several 'detox' teas that may help. Avoid sugars, starches and processed foods. (Have you ever noticed that you yawn a lot a little while after eating some foods?) You need to eat foods that have a lot of nutrients. Go to the produce isle of your grocery and stock up on real colorful vegetables and a few fruits. Put a few raw nuts in a baggie in your pocket for when your energy is low. Work on clearing up any intestinal problems you're dealing with so you absorb nutrients from the food you eat. I hope this helps.



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