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Energy Healing
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bellabella - June 29

I tried this today and got great results so wanted to share the experience will fellow sufferers.

I was surfing on you tube and I found something interesting, an hour long meditation which apparently released old negative energy and replaced it with new healing energy, In a series of guidfed meditations i concentrated on sending this healing energy to my feet and ankles which have not worked properly for months and months - painful to touch,cannot wear normal footware especially on the sides, feels swollen though do not look swollen, cannot bend my toes to walk properly as they are too stiff so my gait has been somewhat flat footed and stairs and steps have had to be climbed and decended by walking sideways and taking them one at a time - Anyhow, i did this energy healing thing which i had never done before, sending my thoughts into my feet and ankles and after the hour i got up and walked about completely normally and pain free. I even tested it out by walking on my tip toes across the room and back and having a little dance about on my tip toes. I then walked up and down the stairs a few times and even ran up and down a few times ( although i did have upper leg pain, but there again i was only concentrating on my lower legs and feet )

I don't know if this is coincidence or not but this effect has lasted all day and it's only now, tonight that i am getting a slight achiness back in one of my ankles.. yes, my feet are a little tender, a little sore but hey, that's fine by me, that's probably normal for middle aged feet i should think and i can deal with that.

The meditation required me to think of a time where i felt i couldn't deal with something emotionally and then to release the bad energy of that feeling.. and at that point i definatly felt a kind of lightness or some sort of shift about my body.. and after it was all over, my feet tingled for a while but it wasn't like the kind of tingling i would normally have with this condition.. it was actually quite a nice tingle, but i can't describe it properly. Mt feet are also a lot cooler than they have been for months as well and ive just realised that it's half 11 at night and by now i'm usually suffering with restless legs.. but my legs feel fine.

I don't know if it's coincidence, psychosymatic, or placebo all i know is that my feet, which havent worked properly in months, were not working when i sat down to do the meditation but are now working almost normally after doing it.. I dont know if this remission will last butI'll be doing another meditation tomorrow and concentrating on a different partof my body to see what happens. I'll keep you posted.

If anyone would like to give it as go and report on the effect it has on them i would be very interested to know.

If you type: "step 1 higher self meditation" into the you tube search bar it should appear - this site wont allow me to paste a link to it.

It plays in 6 x 10 minute films. and at the very least it is extremely relaxing.



kvc33 - July 1

Cool! Keep doing it. I wholeheartedly believe in taking time to relax every day. My bf and I have found that if he taps my feet with his fingertips for a few minutes, I feel very relaxed and pain-free for a while. Easy, free and good.



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