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endometriosis and fibro
7 Replies
crzy619 - March 14

i was curious to know if any of you out there suffer from both fibro and endo


lmb2 - March 15

yes, i have both endometriosis and fibromyalgia. I just recently learned that there could be some sort of connection. there are studies that show that people w/ endometriosis are twice as likely to become fibro sufferers.... crazy! they have no idea why this might be though...


VVickers - March 28

Yes! I've had 2 endo surgeries since my diagnosis of Fibro


bogie - March 30

Yep I have both too - though the endo was diagnosed 15 years ago and fibro only recently!


kaime - April 7

what are your symptoms of endo? I think I might have it, too!


merrygoround - July 9

Hi there! I am new to this site. Although I know I had been suffering the symptoms of fibromyalgia for many years I only went to the doctor last year to get it it diagnosed. (I used to be scared of going in case it was something worse like cancer maybe.)
Anyway I was interested in this question because I had an emergency operation for endometriosis in late 1997 and it was shortly after that that I got my first symptoms of fibro. I know that medics can't say for sure what the causes are but my husband is diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and has had his symptoms since late 1991 during which year he had 3 ops in six months for a bowel condition. Both of us feel quite strongly that these debilitating conditions we have are linked to surgery in some way.


lynda66 - July 25

i had adenomyosis, which is basically endometriosis inside the uterus ... i had been sterilised at the age of 24, which is probably why i got the excess tissue inside my uterus instead of outside. had a hysterectomy 4 years ago, and my fibro symptoms started getting worse after that, though i think i have had it most of my life, i am 41 now and have just been diagnosed.


rcrchick29 - September 4

i had endometriosis also, and had trouble getting pregnant with both of my daughters finally about nine years ago i had a complete hystorectomy, about two years after that i was diagnosed with fibro and cfs, but i think i have had it since i was a child, had alot of pelvic pain and some went away after the hystorectomy but some still persists, often wonder if the surgery was necessary but at that point didnt know i had fibro and needed relief from the pelvic and bladder pain, i wonder if it is linked also. good luck



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