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seedbeads - May 30

Hi hi.

I'm curious if any of the women here have been diagnosed with endo. I've had pretty crappy periods since my teens, but in my early 20's they got longer and more painful. Things got better after I had kids, but about a year after my 2nd was born things went right back to where they were.

So here we are, and in these last 2 years, everything has gotten more painful. At this very moment, I'm having horrible pain in my lower abdomen (just above the pubic bone). First I thought it was a UTI. They got rid of the burning/urgency, but not the pain. Thought it was the IBS, but the pills I have for that didn't touch the pain in the middle. It's to the point this month where I can't even lean forward when I'm sitting.

I talked to a GYN about this a year ago (at 29) and she told me, without any examination, that I was too old to have endo, and that was the last we spoke of it.

Could this crippling pain be endo? Is there anything else that would go with it? I'm not terribly familiar with it - I grew up being told to suck it up because it' part of being female.


Agavegirl - May 30

Hi Seedbeads,

Too old for endo at 29? That is insane. I am 42, and after years of suffering from endo., I finally had enough, and last December had my ovaries and uterus removed. My amazing OB/GYN found endo ALL OVER my ovaries and cervix, and he also found a small Fibroid Tumor and cyst. I wanted to keep my cervix since it is fine, and to keep all my other organs supported, since I had heard that the bladder and other things may drop without the cervix.

Having Fibromyalgia makes everything worse, especially periods. And, as we age, and get closer to menopause, our periods last longer and get very heavy. This is what was happening to me. Having my surgery was the best decision for me since I did not intend on having children.

I would recommend that you locate a different doctor and also have a vaginal ultrasound to make sure that your ovaries do not have any cysts or growths, which could be responsible for your pain.

All the best to you.


Fantod - May 30

You clearly need to find another GYN. Endo usually starts between 25 and 35 years of age. It may be endo or it could also be interstitial cystitis which is also a "perk" associated with FMS. Find another doctor and get that ultra sound done to see what is going on. Take care.


seedbeads - May 30

Well, I'm seeing a urologist on Thursday, and I'm getting a lower abdominal ultrasound the following Thursday. Those were already booked because my Dr wants to know what's with the frequent UTIs and pain too. I'm just not sure it's IC because most of the time there's no frequency or urgency, just constant cramping and aching. Definitely going to ask my Dr about seeing a different GYN!


Agavegirl - May 31

Hi Seedbeads, Good to hear that you have an abdominal ultrasound scheduled, but it is also very important for you to have a "vaginal" ultrasound. You may have endo or fibroid tumors that are lower than what the abdominal ultrasound may detect, so this is very important to have this as well. I have had both, and the vaginal ultrasound found that my endo was in my pelvis, not just on my ovaries and cervix.

Additionally, I found that drinking caffeine really exacerbated my pelvic pain. The caffeine wreaks havoc on the endo, so FYI.

Wishing you luck at the urologist as well.



seedbeads - June 2

Oh no worries, it's a lower abdominal/pelvic drink-lots-of-water ultrasound. My Dr just wants a good look at EVERYTHING down there. I already know I have fibroids but the last time they were checked they were nothing but pebbles and not a concern.


LadyNae - June 3

I was the same way. From the moment I started my first period I had horrible cramps and the problem just kept growing from there, even after I had kids. By the time my third one was born I was cramping more often than not, and would bleed two to two and a half weeks every month. The pain was so bad that I would be throwing up because of it and not hardly able to move. Finally after switching GYN's I found one that was willing to help me. He diagnosed me with Endo, ovarian cysts, and something else I can't remember off the top of my head. After jumping though all the hoops for insurance (I was only 23 at the time) I was able to get a hysterectomy. I still have my ovaries in and still get cysts on them monthly but its nothing like it was before. I would suggest you go see another Dr. one that will help you.



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