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2 Replies
Cher0208 - September 2

Yeah, my latest diagnosis. Finally went to the gyn after two days of severe pain. Her only advice: go back on birth control. I don't want to do that. She also said I have cysts. Nonchalant. In and out. Is it me? Do I attract doctors that suck?
I'm feeling defeated. Anyone else have endometreosis and fibro? Advice? Doing research but would like to get some insight from someone on here.


jadiegirlcat - September 5

I'm 42 and was diagnosed with endo when I was 19 after having a laproscopy. I had another one at 37 after an endometrioma ovarian cyst burst. I went on depo lupron which caused me to go through menopause for 6 months. I went on the pill for about a year but terrible headaches caused me stop. That was strange because I was on the Pill since I was 17. I was only able to get pregnant once and lost the pregnancy and since I was 39 then my hubby had a vasectomy. I never thought of fibro and endo being related.


January - September 5

I don't know much about endometriosis, but Jadie's post struck a chord with me. The first time I experienced monster migraines was the second time I went on BC pills as a young woman. They were called Nor-something. Or maybe Ortho-novum? (I had taken very strong BC pills earlier, Enovid, for a year, and though I didn't get migraines the year I was on them, I gained 60 pounds and was extremely depressed. That all resolved when I stopped the pills.) So with the second try and the migraines, I had to stop the BC pills entirely because I couldn't take the side effects. Later I had a miscarriage too. Then I went through early menopause at 40 - and tried HRT. Severe migraines again. I managed by taking a tiny, tiny dose of hormones for a while - I cut my low-dose pills into quarters. And I still got migraines at times.

When I learned about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease (in the book Dangerous Grains), it appears that this condition is related to infertility, miscarriages and early menopause, i.e., hormonal disturbances! Migraines too! Since I've been gluten free for almost 5 years, I almost never get bad migraines any more. I think I only get them when I get some gluten or another food I'm allergic too.

There might be some kind of thread in here…. just putting this out for anyone else's observations…? Gluten intolerance means any system in your body can malfunction because you just don't absorb the nutrients you need.



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